<1 FTE

For less than a single FTE you gain the experience, automation, and ongoing support of people with more experience in HR data and analytics than anyone else in the world.   What would it cost you to find even one comparable resource who can manage data and knows how to measure the workforce?  Worse still what would it take you to retain them when a thousand other companies are looking to hire them.

No implementation fee

Our automation allows us to not charge any implementation fee for cloud sources.  A small implementation fee exists for on premise sources to provide enough time to make your enterprise IT team comfortable with our data extraction plans.  The cloud promised a cheaper point of entry, now its here. 

Training and user enablement services

We provide a quick start package to train the trainer and bring your initial user group up to speed with the power and capability of One Model.  Additional services can be purchased on an hourly basis to help with any further enablement or complex modelling your internal resources may not be up to speed with yet.  


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