I have cloud data sources

You've made the move to the cloud but that hasn't made your life any easier when it comes to your data.  Our software is built for the move to the cloud.  Instantly connect to cloud data sources through available API's and allow our software to extract and continue to synchronize all your data into One Model.   No need for any IT resources, maintenance, or to pay for configuration updates as the source api's change.  Be up and running in hours, literally as fast as the wire can deliver the data to us.  Perfect for Workday, SuccessFactors, Cornerstone, Jobvite, Taleo, and any platform with an available API.

How about on premise

Of course.  We've worked with data from SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Lawson, flat files, home grown systems, and many more.  Being on premise we need to talk to your IT team but we make the whole process easy.  We provide the extraction method, the plan, and all the security details to make them comfortable in moving data out to One Model.  The whole process takes no more than 8 hours from IT to complete the vetting and testing of the extraction method.  

We have a hybrid deployment

Most organizations do these days, both of the above scenario's apply in this case.  Our software is built to manage multiple source systems wherever they may be.  A common scenario we see is an on premise HR system like SAP or Peoplesoft but the organization has moved into the cloud with Workday or SuccessFactors.   Often history is not moved into the new cloud solution in order to minimize implementation cost.  This means you have no history for reporting or analytics in the new software.  One Model's multi-source processing allows for these disparate systems to be seen as one.  Finally you can choose the software strategy that best fits your business without worrying about data availability.

No matter the source

Any source can be easily aligned with the analytics models, in fact most sources are already aligned straight of the box given our depth of experience in each source.  There is very little to do once the source is connected except concentrate on what is strategic to your business.

Freedom to build

Create your data sources, models, metrics, and dashboards to suit your business.  No additional services or configuration are required, all aspects are self service and intuitive to use.