Talent Acquisition + Recruitment Marketing Analytics

Your Application Tracking System data in One Model  +  All the data around your job posts from eQuest

Effectively measure and track

  • Recruiting Efficiency
    • Time to Fill
    • Time to Start
    • Cost per Hire
    • Interviews per Hire
    • ...
  • Recruiting Effectiveness
    • Quality of Hire
    • Which hiring sources provide better performing employees?
  • Job Posting Source Efficiency
    • How many views on our post lead to an application?
    • How many clicks do our post's receive?
    • How many posts do not receive any clicks?
    • What are our best top of funnel opportunities?
    • Where are our jobs being posted to?

  Easily expands to include data from HRIS, Performance, Survey, Payroll, all of your HR Technology sources.  


How it works


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