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HR and people analytics professionals need enterprise-class data orchestration and visualization capabilities to ensure that transparent and ethical people decisions can be made consistently. Crunchrapps tends to underwhelm for organizations that need a balance of powerful decisions analytics with ease-of-use.


One Model is Not Similar to Crunchr

Understand The Differences

Crunchrapps is a collection of simplistic apps within a closed system. So it may not provide the same level of comprehensive people analytics that Crunchr alternatives do. On the other hand, One Model offers a more complete end-to-end solution that integrates all of an organization's human resources data right out of the box. One Model's People Data Cloud™ platform includes user-configurable storyboards, dashboards, and One AI, an advanced predictive analytics capability delivers more accurate forecasts and projections. 


One Model streamlines the integration of workforce data from literally any system. Human Resources teams can turn to one system for the mission-critical insights and answers to difficult questions. Organizations that depend on Crunchr could end up spending more time and money, and not seeing the results they might expect.

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Comparing One Model vs Crunchr

6-12 weeks Months, if ever
All-inclusive: Ingest and model all your HR data sources without extra fees Low, but with limited capabilities
Orchestrate & Model your HR Data

Pre-built advanced API connector to Workday, SuccessFactors, Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters and other HCM & ATS systems

Completely integrated to all major HR data sources Basic integration to limited data sources

Sophisticated extraction and modeling of all historical data for accurate views of your people over time

Yes Limited ability to extract historical data

Push/export data to your own data warehouse or data lake (on the fly, or via scheduled exports.)

Yes No ability to load all exported data

Integrate other data sources (ie: sales, financial, production data) for a holistic view of your people and business

Yes Limited non-HR data integration

Access to data warehouse and AI models directly

Yes No AI modeling

Connect and use your own BI Tools e.g. Tableau, PowerBI, SPSS, SQL

Yes Does not connect directly to existing BI tools
Answer & Analyze your HR Data

Create and customize your own custom metrics and storyboards instantly

Yes Only pre-built metrics and storyboards available

Contextual Security & role based security automation to easily roll-out reports & analytics to managers while protecting sensitive HR data

Yes Yes
Forecast & Plan with Predictive Insights

Powerful machine learning to build your own models and predictive insights

Yes No robust AI capability

Open AI: see details of predictive model, algorithm used, variables etc… to ensure you’re on sound ethical legal footing

Totally transparent Lacks transparency

With One Model connecting all our people data, our leaders finally have a working compass for navigating their decisions, and we're seeing an impact on our business. We couldn’t have gotten here without One Model.

Nick Reyland
People Tech & Analytics Lead, Squarespace

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