Talent Acquisition Analytics

per month

additional users $49/month


Reporting, Analytics, Benchmarking across all your Taleo data!

A complete data and analytics infrastructure specifically built for Talent Acquisition and Recruiting departments.  Get up and running with complete measurement in a matter of hours, we take care of all of the heavy lifting.   Complete catalogues of metrics, analytics, dimensionality, reports, and dashboards ready for use.   Benchmarking across peer companies coming soon in early '17

Recruiting Efficiency

Requisitions - Opened, Closed

Open Requisitions

Applications - Created, Rejected, Qualified

Applications by Step - Interview, Background Check, Assessment

Offers Made, Accepted, Rejected

Recruiting Speed

Time to Fill

Time to Step

Time to Offer Accept

Applications per Interview

Interviews per Hire

Cost of Hire

Recruiting Effectiveness (HRIS)

Quality of Hire

Promotion Rates of Applicant Sources, Interviewers, Assessment Scores, etc

Employee Performance by any Recruiting element

Time to productivity

Performance of Candidate Sources

Advanced Job Distribution

Pay only for applications received!

Access more passive candidates

Control your budget, reach, and automate distribution using your data

Full analytics to compare performance to traditional job boards

Measure, track, and improve your recruiting.

Easily create reports, dashboards, and new measurements


Pay per Application Job Distribution

Find Applicants, Faster and Cheaper than traditional Job Boards

Use your own recruiting Analytics to distribute your jobs to our network of 1500+ job publishers.   These job publishers are the owners of websites, blogs, and content that is being consumed by your target hires.   Put your jobs on their sites just like in the banner ad-block below for Director Talent Acquisition

Control Reach, Spend, and Automate distribution with Analytics

  • Set a Budget knowing how much each application will cost and how many candidates the job will reach
  • Set rules using ATS data and analytics to distribute jobs e.g. 
    • If the Job is older than 7 days and has less than 3 applications -> distribute to network
    • If the Job has an applicant with an offer received -> stop network distribution


How does it Work?


Let's do this!

Talent Acquisition

per month

additional users $49/month

  • Daily data refresh
  • Public data
  • Benchmark metrics & dimension catalogue
  • Create your own metrics
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Pay per application job distribution
  • Benchmarking*



We're readying for release in December 2016, build slots will be limited in the initial roll-out and will use a queue system.  

Contact us now to hold your place in line, and if you are one of the next 3 SuccessFactors Recruiting customers you will have the opportunity to implement prior to release for free.   



Need to measure recruiting effectiveness?

Expand to include the HRIS, Survey, Payroll, Talent Management, Learning, etc