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Your Essential 11-Step Guide to SIOP 2024 in Chicago

Following last year's SIOP 2023 conference experience in Boston, I shared a comprehensive set of recommendations for this year. It’s still a great resource, but here’s a quick recap of why you’ll want to meet us at SIOP 2024 in Chicago.

SIOP: The Most Anticipated Conference for People Analytics Leaders

If you're involved in people analytics, whether as a leader or team member, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists (SIOP) annual conference is an essential event. It offers a rich blend of academic insight and practical application, covering a wide range of topics from workplace research to people analytics strategies.

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I’m particularly excited because One Model is sponsoring SIOP for the first time. My excitement was further validated by the results of an informal poll we conducted on LinkedIn, aimed at understanding the People Analytics/HR Tech conference preferences of our audience. SIOP emerged as the clear favorite:

  • 33% plan to attend SIOP
  • 29.5% plan to attend local people analytics meet-ups
  • All other events and possible responses (including those who were unsure or not planning to attend other conferences) received significantly lower interest, ranging from 1% to 17%

11 Essential SIOP 2024 Action Items

To fully embrace and benefit from the myriad opportunities at the SIOP conference, consider this your people analytics insiders guide to navigating the event with purpose and impact.

1. Engage with the Community and Tradition

The SIOP conference is not just about the presentations or professional development. It’s a celebration of the IO Psychology, HR, and people analytics communities’ collective wisdom and efforts. It’s a chance to be part of a supportive and dynamic community. Take time to meet new connections and reconnect with old colleagues.

2. Attend Sessions

There’s a wealth of knowledge on dedicated people analytics, AI ethics, and data science to be found in presentations and masterclasses. These sessions are fantastic opportunities to expand your knowledge, network with peers, and stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations in your field. I’d love to see you at the Friday masterclass entitled "Going from Science to Product Development: An Overview of MLOps for I-Os" with Dr. Derek Mracek, Dr Rob Stilson, and myself.

Learn more about what's happening at the event on our SIOP event page.

3. Don't Miss the Pre-Conference Workshops

Arrive early to take advantage of the specialized workshops offered before the main conference (including dedicated people analytics panels!). These sessions provide deep dives into specific topics and a chance to learn from experts in a more intimate setting. I missed these last year, but I won’t make that mistake again!

4. Plan Your Schedule in Advance

With numerous sessions, master classes, and breakouts, strategize your attendance to maximize your learning. Consider attending as a team and strategizing your schedules to cover more ground and share insights.

5. Explore the Exhibitor Hall

Take time to visit the vendor hall, where you can interact with a diverse range of companies, from assessment and IO Psychology service providers to HR tech innovators. These conversations can be invaluable for staying abreast of industry trends and solutions. Be sure to come have a chat with us at the One Model booth.

6. Network through Meetups and Vendor Events

Utilize the conference app to join interest-based meetups and attend vendor-hosted gatherings. These opportunities can lead to meaningful connections with peers and industry leaders. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on People Analytics connections too!


7. Participate in or Attend the Machine Learning Competition

Highlighting the intersection of technology and psychology, this competition is a must-see for enthusiasts of advanced analytics and natural language processing.

8. Take in the Posters


I wrote this last year and it bears repeating: “I could have spent a full day every day with the posters and their presenters.” I regretted not visiting the posters sooner, as I was crushed when it dawned on me that researchers and their posters were rotating in and out. The content was fascinating, featuring cutting-edge methods and providing an incredible opportunity to speak with researchers working in the field directly about their work.”

9. Embrace the Serendipity of Conversations

While sessions are informative, impromptu discussions can be equally enlightening. Be open to skipping a session for a compelling conversation; these interactions can provide unique insights and foster new relationships.

10. Prepare for Next Year

With SIOP planning several years ahead, consider this conference an annual tradition. The continuity allows for ongoing engagement and growth within the IO Psychology and people analytics fields.

11. Enjoy!

Lastly, ensure you have comfortable walking shoes for Chicago – it's going to be an engaging and expansive event.

Find One Model at SIOP. Learn more about everything happening at the SIOP event.

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