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Why Compliance in HR is the Foundation of Culture

We asked our friends at Culture Curated why organizations should have a strong focus on human resource compliance. That led to a more foundational question: What is an organization’s culture?

Culture: Ping Pong Tables or Compliance in HR?

In the quest to boost workplace culture–and thus performance, our initial instinct might be to think of adding fun elements, like a ping pong table in the break room. However, the journey to improving corporate culture delves much deeper than surface-level entertainment. It begins with the bedrock of strong human resource compliance.

In fact, “Any good culture is going to be built on the foundation of strong compliance,” says Season Chapman, Partner & Principal Consultant of Culture Curated. “It’s about how we must treat people.”

But compliance isn't just about adhering to HR compliance laws or procuring a human resources compliance solution. It's about establishing a framework within which people are treated fairly and decisions are made responsibly. This foundation of compliance in HR is essential, not just for its own sake, but as the ground floor upon which the rest of the company culture is built.

Laying Your Culture’s Foundation: Accountability and Belonging

Moving beyond the notion that culture is merely about having fun, culture is–at its core–about accountability, achieving results, and fostering trust among team members. But how do we shift the conversation towards these deeper aspects of culture?

The answer lies in starting with human resources compliance as the base layer. Drawing from psychological principles, humans seek a sense of belonging and connection. They want to feel aligned with the company's mission and vision. The secret to that goal starts with a focus on building meaningful relationships with employees and fostering a sense of belonging and support.

In today's workplace, the concept of psychological safety is paramount for cultivating a culture where employees feel confident in sharing ideas. This safe space is critical for a vibrant, innovative workplace culture.

Starting the Journey Towards a Balanced Culture

So, how does an organization embark on this journey towards a culture that balances fun, compliance, and psychological safety? According to Yuliana Lopez, Partner & Principal Consultant of Culture Curated, “The starting point is an organizational assessment.”

She explains that such assessments gauge the current state of compliance and how employees feel about their work environment and relationships with peers. This comprehensive evaluation can identify areas for improvement and set the stage for developing a culture that not only meets legal requirements but also fulfills and inspires its workforce.

Are You Ready for the Coming Wave of AI Regulation for Human Resources?

How One Model Helps With Compliance Foundations

One Model assists with compliance by providing an integrated analytics platform designed to manage and analyze workforce data according to legal standards and best practices that includes:

  • Offering advanced analytics and reporting capabilities that enable compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Prioritizing robust data security and privacy measures to protect sensitive information and comply with data protection regulations.
  • Featuring role-based access controls so that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data, in order to maintain continuous compliance with labor laws, and occupational safety and other standards.
  • Providing customizable dashboards to monitor key compliance indicators, from wage and hour laws to benefits regulations and beyond.

While the allure of quick fixes like a ping pong table may seem like an easy way to boost morale, the real work in improving culture goes much deeper. By establishing a strong foundation of compliance with human resource compliance solutions like One Model, organizations can lay the groundwork for a positive culture. This foundation enables leaders to enhance performance, foster genuine connections, and support the well-being of every employee.

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