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Introducing One Model’s Workday Connector: Unlocking the Power of People Data

People data is the lifeblood that fuels insights and drives strategic decisions. Yet, for many leaders, extracting meaningful data from complex systems like Workday can be a daunting task. 

One Model's Workday Connector is designed to turn this challenge into an opportunity, providing a powerful solution that stands out in the crowded market. 

Here's why it’s a game-changer for technical people analytics leaders.

The One Model Advantage: Beyond Brute Force

At its core, our Workday API Connector is built on a deep understanding of the intricacies and limitations of Workday. Unlike competitors who might rely on inefficient methods—such as pulling data for every employee every day—One Model has developed a sophisticated approach that is both clever and efficient.

Intelligent Data Retrieval

With a brute force approach querying a year's worth of data for a single employee requires 365 requests to the Workday API. For a 1,000 employee company this means to get a full year's data will require 365,000 API requests. Workday’s API returns data in large, complex XML files and API requests can take seconds to receive a response. For the 1,000 employee company, even if the API responds to every request in 1 second, it will take over 4 days to pull all the data from the Workday API. This brute force method does not scale and is not practical, especially for larger enterprises.

Our solution? We focus on significant data change points, intelligently identifying the moments when meaningful changes occur in an employee's record. This approach not only reduces the volume of data processed but also ensures that we capture the most critical updates.

The Self-Healing Data Model: Scalability and Accuracy

One Model’s unique self-healing data model is a standout feature that ensures accuracy and consistency in your analytics. Here's how it works:

  1. Intelligent Identification: By leveraging our deep understanding of the nuances of data locations and changes, our connector identifies and extracts only the necessary data points. This minimizes the load on Workday’s API and speeds up the data retrieval process.
  2. Error Detection and Correction: Our system automatically detects discrepancies and back-dated changes, correcting them without manual intervention. This self-healing capability ensures that your data remains up to date and accurate, even if historical changes are made.
  3. Dynamic Processing: The connector dynamically adapts to changes in the Workday API, ensuring continuous, reliable data extraction without interruption.

Comprehensive Data Support: From Raw Workday Data to Analytical Models

One Model goes beyond mere data extraction. We transform raw data into analytical models, providing actionable insights rather than just raw numbers. Our approach integrates custom fields and user-defined reports, ensuring that even the unique aspects of your data are captured and analyzed.

Seamless Integration with Custom Reports

For those unique data points that aren't covered by standard API calls, One Model supports the integration of custom reports. Customers can create custom reports in Workday, which our connector then pulls and integrates into the overall data model. This flexibility means that no piece of data is left behind, giving you a comprehensive view of your workforce.

Unmatched Support and Stability

Our Workday Connector isn't just a tool; it's a platform-based service. Through the platform, we offer continuous monitoring, maintenance, and support to ensure your data pipeline remains robust and reliable. Beyond the platform, our team is on hand to address any issues, making sure that your focus remains on deriving insights, not on troubleshooting data pipelines.

Handling Workday Data Updates with Ease

Workday’s frequent updates can pose challenges, but One Model’s connector is designed to handle these seamlessly. By using versioned API endpoints and dynamic data processing, we ensure that changes in Workday’s data model do not disrupt your analytics operations.

Why Choose One Model?

In a market where many solutions promise easy data extraction but fall short on delivering comprehensive, scalable, and accurate data models, One Model’s Workday Connector stands out. Here’s why:

  • Scalability: Efficient data retrieval methods that scale with your organization.
  • Accuracy: Self-healing models that ensure data integrity.
  • Flexibility: Integration of custom reports and fields.
  • Support: Continuous maintenance and monitoring from a dedicated team.

For people analytics leaders who are tired of struggling with data extraction from Workday, One Model offers a smarter, more efficient way forward. With our Workday Connector, you get more than a Workday data export – you get it in a form that drives meaningful, actionable insights.

Unlock the full potential of your people data with One Model. Connect with us today or download our Workday People Analytics guide to learn more about our connection to Workday and how it can transform your analytics capabilities.

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