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Take Control of Your Data with One Model's Role-Based Security

Keeping your HR data secure while ensuring the right people have the right access is crucial. Enter One Model's Role-Based Security (RBS) – the ultimate security feature to ensure data integrity and precision access control.

Empower Your Team with Tailored Application Access Roles

Think of Application Access Roles as your data’s first line of defense. This defines exactly which parts of One Model a user can access. Application Access Roles are tailored to distinct user personas like HRBPs, People Analytics teams, and People Leaders. Each role is fine-tuned to provide the exact tools they need, empowering them to excel and drive success in their specific functions. It’s all about precision – ensuring every user has the right access to succeed without compromising your data’s security.

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Guard Your Data with Data Access Roles

We don’t stop at the surface. Data Access Roles within One Model takes you further, managing visibility down to the finest detail. Admins can easily grant user access to specific metrics, dimensions, and Storyboards. You can choose which data elements a user can see all the way down to the column and row levels – you’re in complete control. To maximize flexibility for role management and simplified administration, a user can belong to multiple Application Access and Data Access roles. 


Contextual Security Rules for Data Access Roles

One Model's Contextual Data Access Rules let you grant data access based on a user's role within your organization. For example, when you create a manager data access role, you can assign rules that allow each manager to see the data of their direct reports.

The best part? This rule works for all managers and automatically adjusts based on each manager's position in the company.

As employees move within the organization, the rules update automatically with the latest data refresh in One Model. This means promotions and team changes seamlessly update, ensuring managers always have the right access without any manual configuration. Additionally, these rules aren't just for managers; you can apply the same logic to other relationships, such as cost centers.

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Why Should You Trust One Model’s Role Based Security (RBS)? 

  • Robust Security: Your sensitive data remains protected from unauthorized access, maintaining the integrity of of your information
  • Customizable Flexibility: Tailor roles to meet your organization’s specific needs, providing precise access control
  • Proven Efficiency: Simplify your data security management and save valuable time with a structured and straightforward system

No need to juggle complex security settings. With One Model, admins can effortlessly create roles, assign permissions, and  manage user access with just a few clicks. This structured, intuitive approach eliminates confusion over who can see what. Your data stays secure, accessible, and ready to power your decisions.

For more information about One Model’s Role-Based Security, see the “Introduction to Role-Based Security” article in our Help Center.

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