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From Bland to Grand: Transform Storyboards with Tile Styling

Multiple studies have shown that visuals improve comprehension and long-term retention compared to text alone. By leveraging tile styling in One Model Storyboards, you’re not just presenting data—you’re telling a compelling visual story that resonates with your audience and drives action and alignment.

Create more than just a dashboard with One Model's stylized Storyboards. Easily communicate data-driven insights by using colors, styles, and designs that embody your company's brand. Whether you prefer uniformity across all Storyboards, unique designs for each one, or occasional tweaks to individual tiles, the creative possibilities are limitless. Case in point? Check out the Storyboards above and directly below.


Real-World Impact

Imagine that you’re a Director of Human Resources and need to prepare for a quarterly executive meeting with key organizational stakeholders. Your goal is to present the latest data on high-risk employees by organizational unit and demonstrate the impact of your recent initiatives on reducing risk and improving retention. Tile styling in One Model can elevate your presentation – both during and after the meeting – by visually highlighting specific KPIs that you want to stand out.

Before the Meeting

You can use tile styling to customize your Storyboard’s colors, making key metrics such as risk levels, retention rates, and employee engagement scores stand out. This ensures that the most important data points are immediately visible to your audience as you’re presenting. Your Storyboards can reflect your brand’s identity or your personal taste – you have the freedom to choose.


During the Meeting

As you present, your stakeholders are immediately drawn to the clear, visually appealing layout of the Storyboards that you’ve included in your presentation. The customized tiles help highlight trends and key insights, making your points easier to understand and more impactful.

The attractive design keeps the audience engaged, and the clear visualization of data facilitates interactive discussions. Executives can quickly grasp the information, ask informed questions, and make decisions based on your insights.


Sounds like the perfect meeting, right?

After the Meeting

After the meeting, you add your stylized Storyboard to a slide deck and share it with everyone, including those who couldn’t attend. By using distinct colors and layouts for the tiles, you make key data points stand out, so recipients can easily grasp the information at a glance.

This visual clarity helps team members quickly focus on the most critical metrics and insights without needing further explanations. As a result, stakeholders can efficiently review and understand the data on their own. That means that your stakeholders have the information they need and send fewer follow-up emails and messages to you. Win-win.


Tile Styling: More than Just a Pretty Feature

As illustrated through the story above, tile styling in One Model is more than just a cosmetic feature; it’s a powerful tool that can transform how you and your team interact with data, resulting in the following benefits:

1. Personalized User Experience

You can customize colors and layouts so your Storyboard reflects your brand’s identity or your personal preferences. This level of flexibility provides you with endless options.

2. Improved Data Visualization

Custom tile styling allows you to highlight key metrics and trends effectively. By choosing specific colors and layouts, you can draw attention to the most important data points. This improved visualization helps in quick identification of trends, outliers, and key performance indicators, resulting in better and faster decision-making.

3. Enhanced Collaboration

A well-designed Storyboard significantly enhances collaboration. When data is presented clearly and attractively, it becomes easier for team members to grasp and discuss insights. Additionally, customizable Storyboards can be tailored to meet the needs of different team members so you can showcase the information that’s most important to them. 

For more detailed instructions on tile styling, visit the One Model Tile Style Guide.


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