One Model’s Story Behind Workforce Analytics

One Model’s founding team has spent years in the workforce analytics space, beginning their journey together at Infohrm (since acquired by SuccessFactors, then SAP). While working with hundreds of organizations, they saw customers struggle with the complexities of HR data to assemble it and generate any meaningful insight from it.

So in late 2014, Chris Butler, David Wilson, and Matthew Wilton founded One Model with the mission of making an organization’s most complex data accessible and valuable for all. They built a team and platform around the vision of business leaders seamlessly interacting with workforce data to unlock value in their people and their organizations.

Today, One Model is trusted by large organizations who want to work with a team of HR data experts who are passionate about your success!

A Global Team for Global Customers

Before “remote work” was a trend, One Model was already a globally distributed team. With customers in over 20 countries around the world, our experts from solution architects to engineers to data scientists and customer success managers are globally distributed to support you.

Paul Barnham
Software Engineer
Guneet Uppal
Software Engineer


Co - founder & CEO

Chris Butler is an HR Data and Analytics expert with a long history of working with the world’s most prestigious organizations to make them successful in their people analytics programs. Chris has a vision for how HR data will be used and how people analytics practices will mature and he is leading One Model to be at the forefront of this evolving industry.

Co - founder & CoO

Apart from rocking an epic beard, David is one of the resident data geeks at One Model. After 12+ years of living in data land (with experience gained from tenure at InfoHRM, Successfactors, and SAP), he moved on from the corporate world and helped found One Model to change the way data processing impacts the HR space.

Co - founder & CTO

Matthew Wilton is the CTO and one of the co-founders of One Model. He created the initial prototype to get into Techstars and leads the ever-expanding engineering team in the development of One Model.

Chief Product Officer

Tony is an experienced technology and human resources leader specialising in People Analytics, Workforce Planning, Strategic HR, and Product Management. Tony led analytics product management at SAP SuccessFactors and before that, at Infohrm. Tony is passionate about creating new technologies to help companies harness the power of their people.


Taylor is a Data Scientist at One Model. His experience building data products and passion for Automated Machine Learning help drive the growth of One AI. Taylor spends his leisure time reading Lord of the Rings and hiking - not always at the same time.

VP People Analytics Strategy

Nicholas joined the One Model team as the VP of People Analytics Strategy. In this new role, Nicholas will be using his 15+ years experience in people analytics and planning at Allianz and GE to partner with people analytics teams to help them establish their strategies for deploying analytics and to bring back key insights to the product team.

Director, Customer Success

For over 15 years, Jamie has been helping companies figure out how to get the most out of their people analytics data. She is responsible for the successful delivery of One Model’s technology to our customers, officing out of Washington, DC. Besides being a data/ analytics geek in the HR space, she also likes to go to Washington Nationals games.

Director, Customer Success

With a couple of decades in the HR space as a practitioner, analyst and consultant, Jaime is a virtuoso in HR, HR data and People Analytics. Based out of the Land of Enchantment, she spends her days focused on the successful delivery of One Model to our customers. When she isn't spending time with customers, she's busy cooking, playing soccer mom and binging anime with her two daughters.

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