Aggregate and Model your HR Data

People Data Cloud™:
Your Analytics-Ready Data Asset


Getting the full value out of your HR data requires transforming it into an integrated dataset purpose-built for people analytics. People Data Cloud unlocks all the value and saves your team from thousands of hours in data wrangling.

  • Ingestion: Automatically ingest data from disparate HR (and non-HR) data sources
  • Integration and Modeling: Connect datasets, match time periods and cost structures into a single model that is ready for analytics
  • Transparency: Modify how metrics are calculated, directly access with your own BI tools, and even export to your own data warehouse
 Customizable Metrics & Dashboards
Answer & Analyze your HR Data

Pre-Built, Customizable Metrics & Dashboards

Deliver tailored analytics that empower executives, people leaders, and HR business partners to make data-informed decisions. Our people analytics software takes on the complexity to make it easy for you.

  • Pre-Built Metrics and Storyboards: Get started quickly with visualizations that give leaders insights without having to be analysts
  • Configure in Seconds: Get answers to your unique questions with new visuals and ad-hoc views created in seconds
  • Precise Role-Based Permissions at Scale: Empower every level of the organization while ensuring strict privacy of your HR data
Predict & Forecast

Get Predictive Insights with One AI

Make better decisions sooner by using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to dig deep into the data to uncover relationships and predict future outcomes.

  • AI/ML Predictive Model Builder: Like having a team of data scientists at your fingertips, One AI auto-generates and selects the best predictive models
  • Deploy Predictions: Share results by integrating model results such as attrition risk, time-to-fill, and pay equity directly into storyboards
  • Model Transparency: Ensure you’re on sound ethical and legal footing, and adjust algorithms to suit your unique business needs

With all the data we create, we need One Model to put it together - to get the real power of insight. With One Model, we were able to refocus hiring that gave us more diversity in the pipeline and staff that on-ramped much faster.

Ryan Hammond

All Your People Analytics in One Model

Integrate data from your HCM, Payroll, Recruiting/ATS, Learning, Survey, Employee Experience, Employee Mobility, Workforce Structures & Employee Details and other HR and non-HR sources into one single source of truth.

success Factors
Culture Amp
Smart Recruiters
Taleo x
Survey Monkey

All your People Insights in One Model

Get insights into your people to create an effective talent strategy. Answer questions around:

Resignation & Retention

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I)

Learning, Development & Growth

Employee Experience & Belonging

Promotion & Succession


Employee Mobility

Workforce Structures & Employee Details

Ready to learn more?

Request a tailored demo to see how One Model could help you.

Ready to learn more?

Request a tailored demo to see how One Model could help you.