What can I say, One Model is my happy place.
— Tracy Escamilla, HomeAway

All of your HR data in one place...by Friday

The hardest part of any workforce analytics, workforce planning, or hr technology initiative is getting your arms around the data.  Every company struggles with this, now we're here to help.   One Model delivers you a single source of truth automated data warehouse designed specifically for human resources data.   We take the hard work out of data so you can focus on using it to make better decisions. 

Employees, Recruiting, Succession, Exits, Engagement, Survey, HR effectiveness, Payroll, Planning, all together and completely accessible.

Best of all you're up and running in hours for cloud sources and as fast as your team can keep up for on premise sources.  

Workforce analytics, planning, integration, and your ability to adopt innovation are natural by products of a well executed HR data strategy




No more VLOOKUP.  Use our analytics tools or yours, knowing that the data is clean and expertly positioned.

Data automatically collected, synchronized, and positioned for intelligence so you can reduce your dependence on IT and finally be self-sufficient.

Leverage our content and expertise to help you measure and improve your workforce.  Don't worry most organizations struggle to know what to measure and how to measure.  Let us take care of that for you.

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One Model can manage the process of obtaining your data from the cloud or on premise.

Minimal time from IT is required, seriously.  Typically we're looking at zero (0) hours for cloud and eight (8) hours for on premise data sources.

Time from contract to hands on value is measured in hours, not weeks or months.  

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An internal build typically runs 18 months if you have a team that knows what it wants to measure and how to measure it. 

One Model is up and running in hours with a cost of ownership less than that of the person you would employ to run an internal build.  

Our advanced software allows implementation cost to be the lowest in the industry.

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