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Unlock your valuable people data from Workday with One Model’s best-in-class API and specialized data modeling that enables you to extract, aggregate, and analyze your data like never before.

Get Maximum Value From Your Workday System

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Extract & Model your Workday Data

Stop wasting valuable resources struggling with the limitations of the native Workday data architecture. Reduce manual labor on data preparation, to increase time spent on deeper insights with One Model’s People Data Cloud.

  • Extraction: With the industry’s most robust Workday API connection, extract and blend core data and RaaS reports out to create confidence in your data quality and accuracy.
  • Modeling: Transform your Workday data into an analytics-ready and historically accurate dataset to make sense of disparate and inaccurate snapshots of data.
  • Integration: Integrate with other HR data sources to get a complete picture of your people at any point in their employee lifecycle.
  • Export: Push the full updated data model to your own data warehouse (such as Snowflake, RedShift, or Azure) or use it with your own BI tools (like PowerBI or Tableau).
Extract & Model your Workday Data
Extract & Model your Workday Data
Drive Insights with Pre-Built, Customizable Metrics & Dashboards

Drive Insights with Pre-Built, Customizable Metrics & Dashboards

When Workday RaaS reports are too simplistic, fragile and don’t contain all the information needed to answer your most important people questions, One Model delivers meaningful insights for HR and business leaders.

  • Out-of-the-Box: Get answers to your people questions using pre-built reports, metrics and dashboards/storyboards designed for your Workday data.
  • Configure in Minutes: Empower HRBPs to customize and create ad-hoc views and metrics that they can self-serve.
  • Historical trend data: Your people aren’t just a snapshot in time, so understand and visualize their engagement over time to help you make the right decisions.
  • Precise role-based permissions at scale: Democratize information by putting relevant information into the hands of managers while ensuring strict privacy of sensitive HR data.

Predictive Insights with Workday

  • AI/ML Model Builder: Support your decision-making with predictive insights such as predicting attrition, gender equality, sustained performance or other important aspects of your people.
  • Predictions on your Dashboard: Get predictions right onto your storyboards so you can forecast and make decisions more effectively.
  • Algorithm transparency: Ensure you’re on sound ethical and legal footing, and adjust algorithms to suit your unique business.
Predictive Insights with Workday

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