Get Powerful People Analytics for SAP SuccessFactors

Unlock the hidden value in your SuccessFactors data with the industry’s most comprehensive API that enables you to extract, unify, model and analyze all your SuccessFactors data.



Extract & Model your SuccessFactors Data

Stop wasting your time trying to combine data from across the various SuccessFactors modules and data structures - it’s confusing and soul destroying. Our People Data Cloud™ and expert data engineers extract and model it for you so you can spend more time on deeper insights.

  • Extraction: Improve your data accuracy with the industry’s most robust SuccessFactors API for pulling out core data and reports.
  • Modeling: Transform your SuccessFactors data into an analytics-ready and time-trending dataset to overcome limitations in the underlying data structures.
  • Integration: Integrate with other HR data sources to get a complete picture of your people at any point in their employee lifecycle.
  • Export: Push the full updated data model to your own data warehouse (such as Snowflake, RedShift, or Azure) or use it with your own BI tools (like PowerBI or Tableau).

SuccessFactors People Analytics

When your talent questions are complex, the simple reports in SuccessFactors don’t cut it. One Model’s SuccessFactors People Analytics delivers meaningful insights for HR and business leaders.

  • Out-of-the-Box: Get answers to your people questions using pre-built reports, metrics and storyboards designed for your SuccessFactors data.
  • Configure in Minutes: Empower HRBPs with self-serve ability to customize and create views and metrics to answer their unique questions.
  • Historical trending: Understand your people’s experience over time to monitor progress towards your goals.
  • Precise role-based permissions at scale: Share relevant information with the right leaders to put data-informed decisions into the hands of your managers (while ensuring strict privacy of sensitive data).
6 Unlock Value with Workday People Analytics and our Workday API
Predictive Insights with SuccessFactors

Predictive Insights with SuccessFactors

  • Machine Learning engine: Leverage the power of AI and get predictive insights into important measurements of your people, such as gender pay equity, attrition risk, sustained performance, and more.
  • Predictions on your Dashboard: Get predictions in context right on your storyboard, so leaders can forecast and make decisions more effectively.
  • Model transparency: Our AI isn’t a black box… adjust the algorithms to suit your unique business and ensure you’re in compliance with your legal and ethical requirements.

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