Why is a Tech Startup Blogging about Spring Cleaning?


How did Spring cleaning become a thing, and why do we do it?

It’s officially March. Daylight savings has us up an hour earlier, the weather’s teasing us by thinking about getting warmer, and most of us are envious of the students enjoying spring break on a beach somewhere.

Supposedly, this odd combination of things gets us in the mood to clean house. But there’s research to back it up: according to the experts, the warm weather and extra light are responsible for giving us the additional boost of energy.

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How You're Wasting 75% of the Power of Employee Surveys


The employee survey still is perhaps the most ubiquitous tool in use for HR to give their employees a voice.

It may be changing and being disrupted (debatable) by regular or real-time feedback mechanisms but regardless employee data collection will continue.

I am, however, constantly amazed by the amount of power that is overlooked with these surveys. We’re gathering some incredibly powerful and telling data. Yet, we barely use a portion of the informational wealth it holds. 

Why? Most organizations don’t know how to leverage the confidential survey correctly and maintain the privacy provisions they agreed with your employees during data collection.  

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The One Model Difference #11 - Your Data Insurance Policy

There will be over 400 HR product and service providers in the expo hall at HR Tech in September. A typical company makes use of 8 - 11 of these tools, some as many as 30.

And that is wonderful. I love working in HR Technology. Companies are increasingly free to mix and match different solutions to deliver the employee experience that is right for them. New products come to market all the time. And the entrepreneurs behind these products are pretty consistently driven by a desire to make work better for employees.

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One Model Announces One AI

The One Model team is pleased to announce its official launch of One AI.  The new tool integrates cutting-edge machine learning capabilities into the current One Model platform, equipping HR professionals with readily-accessible, unparalleled insights from their people analytics data.

One Model’s core platform enables its customers to import multiple data sources into one, extensible, cloud-based platform. Organizations are then able to take full control of their people and business data, gaining increased visibility and spotting trends in the data that otherwise, would remain unnoticed.

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One Model Differences #4 and #5: Cleaning Up Your Data Mess


The One Model Difference - special combo edition:  Extracting all your data (#4) into a standard content catalog (#5).

One Model delivers people analytics infrastructure. We accelerate every phase of your analytics roadmap. The later phases of that roadmap are pretty fun and exciting. Machine learning. Data Augmentation. Etc. Believe me, you’re going to hear a ton about that from us this year.

But not today. Today we’re going to back up for a minute and pay homage to an absolutely wonderful thing about One Model:  We will help you clean up your data mess.

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Predict Turnover Risk for $0.57c using AWS Machine Learning  - Part 2


We received a lot of interest from Part 1 of this blog post so if you haven't read it yet head over for a summary view of our observations in Part 1.

In Part 2 I'm going to give you a brief walkthrough of setting up and running a turnover risk prediction in AWS' machine learning.  At the end of this post, I have some further observations about improving tweaking and improving the performance of the base offering and additionally why we chose to move away from these toolsets and develop our own approach.   

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The One Model Difference #17: The World's Most Advanced Role Based Security


People often ask us, "What makes One Model different?" Well...there's a lot we could show and tell. We've decided to respond with a series of blog posts covering each and every reason.  Read on for more!

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One Model Announces Updated 2018 Trade Show Schedule

Find our team in a city near you, and stop by in person to learn more about our workforce analytics solutions.

February 9, 2018 - Austin, TX - The One Model team recently returned from the People Analytics and Future of Work (PAFOW) in San Francisco, where we participated as a key sponsor and speaker. There, our CEO, Chris Butler, was invited to announce a preview of our latest feature: One AI.

(Above) One Model CEO, Chris Butler, announces One Model's newest tool: One AI, at PAFOW in San Francisco.

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Predict Turnover Risk for $0.57c using AWS Machine Learning  - Part 1

We scoffed when you predicted he would leave, six weeks later he was gone. Never in a million years would I have said he would leave
— One Model AWS ML Test Customer
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People Analytics Data Integrations - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Our Experience Integrating HR Tech for People Analytics - a Vendor by Vendor Comparison.

This will be a living post and we will continue to update as we have time to collect thoughts on each vendor and certainly as we complete integrations to new vendors.  Not every source we work with will be listed here but we'll cover the majors that often work with.

At One Model we get to see the data and structure from a load of HR systems, and beyond, bascially anything that holds employee or person data is fair game as a core system to integrate for workforce analytics.

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