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Unwrap Joy at Work: Trendy Gifts for Coworkers Across Every Department!

Different teams, different vibes! As the holiday season approaches, the pressure to find the perfect gifts for coworkers can sometimes be overwhelming. Fear not, because we've curated a list of trendy and thoughtful presents tailored to various job categories. Whether you're shopping for a product manager, UX designer, HR professional, analyst, programmer, or tech support guru, we've got you covered.

Product Manager Presents:

At One Model, we have amazing Product Managers. I know they are always looking for ways to stay organized and love interacting with their peers. Therefore, I think these might be great presents for these coworkers.


  • Desk Calendar - Sometimes old fashion project management gets the ideas flowing. 
  • Moleskin Notebook - A product manager will never hesitate to take down a note in style. 
  • Monitor Memo Board - When you have a lot of input to juggle, sometimes you want your notes close at hand. 
  • Virtual Team Building Experience - Foster team spirit with a virtual team-building work activity. Since we have a virtual team, we tried this service. 

UX Designer Delights:

To thank your designers for all their hard work, why not get them something to stimulate their creativity?

HR Heroes' Treats:

HR is the bread and butter of any company, so we thought these little bits and pieces would be perfect:


  • Human Resources Shirt - Growing companies are doing a lot of recruiting and an HR team member can appreciate this shirt. 
  • Online Course Subscription - Invest in their professional development with an online course subscription. Don't have much to spend? Send them to the HR Regulation Masterclass.
  • Check out our blog dedicated to funny HR gift ideas

Analyst Appreciation:


  • Funny Mug - Analysts and data scientists like to stay sharp. You can't go wrong with a fun mug. 
  • Premium Coffee/Tea Sampler - Speaking of stay sharp, that mug needs some fuel. Check out this world-traveled coffee sampler and this gourmet tea collection
  • Data Visualization Art - Telling the story visually is an art, and books like this are definitely inspirational.
  • Cool earplugs - To identify key insights sometimes you need to block out the world.
  • Sudoku puzzle book - Dare I say that Sudoku is one of the most fun ways to play with numbers. If you want to get more than a book, check out this sudoku game. 

Programmer Picks:

If you are a programmer, you'll know programmers can never have enough coffee or goofy socks. This is why our gift list is filled with these things, along with some other goodies.


  • Coding Socks - Keeping your feet warm in style. Check these fun ones out. 
  • Computer Programmer Coffee Mug - Like analysts, programmers also like to keep sharp lest they miss a semi-colon. Here is a fun mug. 
  • Floppy Disk Coasters - Don't let that coffee mug leave a ring on their desk. Check out these retro tech coasters. 
  • Coding-Themed Hoodie - Keep them cozy and stylish with a hoodie featuring clever coding graphics.
  • Coding Puzzle Box - Challenge their coding skills with a puzzle box, like the rubics cube. 
  • Laptop Cooling Pad - Keep their tech cool and stylish with this cooling pad for their laptop. 

Tech Support Treasures:

If you're the one employee who feels like they call their tech support person a little too much, why not get them something sweet from our list below:


In the department of thoughtful gestures, small gifts for coworkers can make a big impact.

These carefully curated presents for coworkers not only show your appreciation but also reflect the unique interests and roles within your team. So, dive into the joy of gifting, and spread smiles across the office. Whether giving for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or just because, you can't go wrong with one of these gifts.  

In closing, I want to leave you with a riddle:

What is a single gift for the entire office that creates a measurable positive impact for every team?

Answer: One Model

One Model democratizes data to every people leader improving retention, employee experience, and internal promotions. Ask your CHRO or People Leader to check out One Model.

Ask One Model to Reach Out to Your People Leader


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