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People Analytics Masterclass Series

Boost your people analytics knowledge to the next level with One Model's People Analytics Masterclass Series, hosted by Richard Rosenow. Take deep dives into topics like AI regulation, ESG, and more.


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Workforce Planning Models and Segmentation Strategies

Join Peter Howes, a Pioneer in the Field of Workforce Planning and Analytics

Peter’s expertise in measuring the impact of people on business outcomes is still highly sought after. Therefore, we're incredibly grateful that he spent time with us to share how the workforce planning models have changed over the past 4 decades and how workforce segmentation is really the key to great analytics.

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Success with SuccessFactors

Push for Better People Analytics

Some things never change. For your HR organization, that could mean that you still struggle to get the analytical reports and dashboards that you've always hoped for from your SuccessFactors solution. Join us as we show you how to get the most out of your SuccessFactors data.

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How Colgate Transformed the DE&I Progress Reporting

Is Workday Working For Your People Analytics Team?

Join Courtney McMahon, Head of Global People Analytics at Colgate-Palmolive, as she discusses why diversity, equity and inclusion are crucial to the company’s success. Discover how transparency and accountability have been prioritized for measuring the progress on their metrics company-wide and to the public.

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Colgate-DEI webinar virtual HR Events
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Make Workday Work

When it comes to people analytics, is Workday adding more hours to your actual workday? If the answer is YES, and you're ready for a timely, accurate, and flexible reporting and analytics solution, this Workday webinar is for you.

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Recorded One Model Demo

Not interested in talking to someone at One Model yet but would love to see People Data Cloud in action? Check out this recorded demo first.

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Learn About One Ai

Covering Predictive Insights in Our HR Events & Videos

As you watch/attend each of our people analytics recorded videos and live events, you'll start to understand how AI is changing HR and empowering companies to make better people decisions.

  • Exploratory Data Analysis: EDA helps find correlations in your data and helps determine which correlations matter to your data. Explore more about EDA.
  • Get Instant Forecasting: The One AI lightbulb icon in charts instantaneously build forecast models with your data.
  • Follow an AI Recipe: Turn any HR professional into an AI scientist with step-by-step guidelines and models built only with your data.
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These HR Events Showcase

People Data Cloud

hr events and virtual webinars from One Model
hr events and virtual webinars from One Model

Every time you see One Model in action during our events, you're seeing the power of People Data Cloud. One Model's People Data Cloud Platform was built to solve your most complex HR analytics requirements. Watch our recorded webinars and visit us at HR events to dive into world of workforce analytics.

  • Learn Why Segmentation is Critical in Workforce Planning: Peter Howes walks you through 4 decades of workforce planning. Discover the importance of segmentation.
  • Get Success with SuccessFactors: You can get the insights you've always desired. Connecting your data from external HR tools illuminates your understanding
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  • Why Workday Can't Give You the Insights You Need: Workday data is in snapshot form and needs all the snapshots to be put together into a figurative "flipbook".
    Learn How to Get Answers
  • How DE&I Can Transform with People Analytics: What's the point of data if you can't tell great stories? Colgate shows us how they have been able to transform their process with analytics. Watch Recording.

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