People Data Cloud - More than a Data Warehouse

Before you can arm business leaders with people insights, you need to stop drowning in spreadsheets.

Aggregate all your HR data sources, holistically structure your people data, and store it anywhere you like.

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Connect and Aggregate HR Data Sources

Connect and Aggregate HR Data Sources

People and the data behind them are complex, but putting all of your people data into one place doesn’t have to be difficult. With One Model’s People Data Cloud -- we reduce the frustration and expensive data engineering time, so you can increase time spent on deeper insights.

Connectors: Industry’s most robust APIs to Workday, SuccessFactors, Oracle, and other HCMs, as well as survey and recruiting systems, excel sheets, and more.

Ingestion: Automatically ingest data from disparate and incompatible HR data sources to save your team thousands of wasted hours. Multiple systems are merged into a single view while maintaining normalization for easy maintenance and extension.

Single source of truth: Create confidence in data quality, repeatability, and consistency with a strong data warehousing foundation as the single source of truth for all your people data.

Automatic updates: Your people change, so your data changes with them with daily data extraction.

See trends over time: Eliminate the problems of viewing HR data snapshots at specific points in time, and see how your people evolve with a granular historical view including hidden transactions.

Don’t lose sight of the details: Leverage your detailed transactional data lake formatted for super-granular reporting.

Let Us Tell You All About People Data CloudTM

“If you cannot deliver a consistent and accurate data flow that provides tooling at scale inside and out, how are you going to tackle problems around termination and retention that you see in the labour market today?”

Chris Butler, CEO at One Model


4 People Data Cloud - Analytics-Ready HR Data Cloud

Analytics-Ready HR Data Warehouse

Ingesting your HR data isn’t enough. We’ve done the heavy lifting of re-architecting data to overcome the inherent limitations of some HCM data structures, to give you an accurate, historical view including complex transactions that are often hidden in the native data. With our data warehouse solution, you empower your analysts to spend time on the value-add to the organization, like answering business-critical questions - not on data stitching and wrangling.

  • Data modeling: People Data Cloud pulls in over a thousand objects and tables from Workday and other HR systems, then distills, connects, and re-architects it, making it ready for downstream analysis.

  • Analytics-ready: Manage, edit and extend your data models in our Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to capture the unique traits of your organization’s people strategy.

  • Capture complexity: Simple APIs don’t capture organizational complexity such as movement and transfers of people and managers. Our additional processing and decision-making factors all the complex transactions and movement of people so you get an accurate view that is trusted by your leaders.

Free your Data

You're not locked in when you export and model your HR data lake with the People Data Cloud platform solution, available in all product offerings. Leverage One Model’s Storyboards, analytics, and AI capabilities or use other existing tools in your IT stack and enjoy the freedom and transparency to work with your own HR data.

  • Transparency: Get direct access to your re-architected data to re-define or change, then run your own queries, analytics, and reports.

  • Export destinations: Push the full model to another data warehouse including Redshift, Snowflake, Azure SQL, BigQuery; or File Stores including AWS S3, Azure, Google Cloud, and SFTP.

  • Analyze with your own BI tools: Directly connect and analyze with familiar tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, SQL, SPSS, Looker, Birst, and even Excel.

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Integrate HR Data from Popular Sources


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