One Model’s Advanced Analytics for Greenhouse

Real Recruiting Analytics

Greenhouse is a powerful applicant tracking system, but the vast amount of data generated can obscure details about your candidate pipeline, recruiter efficiency, and conversion rates within its out-of-the-box basic graphs and large list reports.

One Model’s Advanced Analytics for Greenhouse synthesizes the data into easy-to-understand Storyboards that reveal patterns and provide insights into all stages of your recruiting process.


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Get Answers, Get Strategic

Advanced Analytics for Greenhouse goes beyond standard reporting to answer your most important questions.

  • What is the average application count per job?
  • What is our gender diversity in applicants and offers? 
  • How long does it take to make an offer? 
  • What is the forecast for opened and filled jobs?
  • How many open jobs do recruiters have?

Easily Export Greenhouse Data

Advanced Analytics for Greenhouse provides insight-rich visualizations, robust querying, and the forecasting you need to deliver on your talent acquisition strategy.

  • See your current and historical recruiting data on interactive Storyboards.
  • Use a drag-and-drop interface to create queries to answer one-off questions.
  • Look into the future with fully embedded forecasting capabilities that let you plan more strategically

Safeguard Your Recruiting Data

Data security is paramount. With Advanced Analytics for Greenhouse, you can trust that your data is safe as it moves through our secure data platform. 

  • Rest assured with our robust security protocols and ISO Certification
  • Stop worrying about data updates – data refreshes automatically to ensure you have the latest information on your recruiting outcomes
  • Get notifications when your updates are processed successfully

Deploy and Get Started Quickly

  • Get insights right out of the box with pre-built Storyboards
  • Leverage standard data connectors to ingest information without coding custom ETL
  • Use our templates to configure your deployment to match your needs

Advanced Analytics for Greenhouse is simple and intuitive, so your team won’t get bogged down with unnecessary complexity and hours of learning. See rapid adoption across your team due to ease of use.

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