Why Tech Leaders Prefer One Model’s People Analytics Platform

IT leaders play a pivotal role in greenlighting any new technology. But their criteria often differ significantly from those of HR professionals. To help bridge that gap, here are 4 key reasons why tech leaders choose One Model’s flexible people analytics platform over others on the market.


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The Evolution of The Buy v Build Conversation

As people analytics technology has advanced over the years, the buy v build conversation has shifted. Instead, there’s now a third option that empowers teams to have the best of both worlds. This whitepaper dives into all three options, so you can make the right choice for your team.


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People Analytics 101

Whether you're new to people analytics or ready to enhance your existing program, this eBook covers everything you need to know about establishing a strong foundation for a successful people analytics function that leads to smarter HR strategy and meaningful change across your organisation.


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Workday People Analytics Playbook

Unlock your valuable Workday people data using One Model’s best-in-class API and specialised data modelling so you can quickly and effectively extract, aggregate, and analyse your data like never before.


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Why Data-Informed Storytelling Is the Future of HR

Data storytelling isn’t easy, but it is critical. Data provides objective insights, while storytelling helps bring the data to life with human anecdotes and emotions. It’s a powerful combo that can truly drive action for organizations.


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8 Questions to Ask When Selecting an AI-Powered HR Tool

Leaders are scrambling to understand how to make the right purchase decisions when it comes to AI in HR. Make the right AI purchase for your HR team by knowing the questions to ask.


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Achieve People Analytics Maturity with a People Data Platform

Let's analyze the People Data Platform framework to help our internal stakeholders better understand what is different about various people analytics tools and how we should think about our data ETL processes.

Blueprint for Building a People Analytics Team

Read this Whitepaper to define the objectives and roles as well as lay out a plan for growing the impact and value of your PA team. Walk through each role and define their objectives, deliverables and goals. How many roles are you covering?


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People Analytics Challenge

Take this test to see how many of these crucial HR reports and metrics you are missing.

What are the critical people questions asked of each HR function? Get over 90 of the top questions being asked of HR today and time your team to see if you can get the answer in under an hour.

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Buying or Building a People Analytics Platform - A Story of Two Teams

This whitepaper breaks the debate down into some very useful frameworks (and a surprisingly effective analogy to cookies, believe it or not). Meet the 'Scrappy Geniuses' and the 'Cathedral Builders'. Who wins this People Analytics competition?


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Ethics of AI/ML in Human Resources

Whether you're new to AI and machine learning or you're at the forefront of the industry, this comprehensive review of machine learning applications in human resource management is a great read. 

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Delivering People Analytics from Workday

Is Workday Working For Your People Analytics Team?

Are you wasting valuable resources wrangling with the imitations of the native Workday data architecture? To deliver meaningful insights across your Workday data you need to go beyond the basics of RaaS reports and Prism.

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Storytelling with Data: Worksheet & Examples

Start Defining the People Stories You Need to Tell Today.

Every picture tells a thousand stories. This is true for every graph on your HR dashboard. Use this worksheet and its pre-built examples to start defining the people stories that matter at every level of the organization.

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The Power of People Analytics

We hope this eBook sparks ideas for you and gets you excited about creating people analytics within your company. Join us as we explore people analytics, understand the value that people analytics contributes to your people decisions, and how they change your processes for the better.

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Results of HR Leaders Survey

Download this human capital trends report to uncover some meaningful insights into the use of HR analytics in the Australian market today, including adoption, technology, and key barrier trends.

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People Analytics Success With SAP SuccessFactors

What Could You Do with All Your Data Sources Connected?

Discover how to deliver people analytics from your SuccessFactors data with meaningful dashboards, reports and KPIs at scale. Unlock the value of actionable insights and predictive modeling.

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Measuring the Value of People Analytics

Calculate the Value of People Analytics

How do you measure the value of your people analytics efforts? Nicholas Garbis walks us through the various lens you need to look through when analyzing people analytics in general and then breaks it down into a formula. 

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COVID-19 Workforce Impact Tool

One Model's “COVID-19 Workforce Tracking” tool is a free Excel-based tool that can be used by organizations of any size, including those with limited people analytics resources. It aims at answering most of the questions laid out in our previous blog.

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These HR Assets Highlight Problems That

The People Data Cloud
was Built to Solve

hr whitepapers, ebooks, and worksheets highlight the importance of the People Data Cloud Platform
hr whitepapers, ebooks, and worksheets highlight the importance of the People Data Cloud Platform

There are various insights in each HR analytics ebook, pdf whitepaper, and worksheet. Why? HR data is incredibly complex, but also incredibly valuable. One Model's People Data Cloud Platform was built to solve. Use our hr worksheets and review people analytics ebooks to dive into world of workforce analytics.

  • Learn How to Measure Value: The HR department brings exponential value with people analytics. Discover how to measure.
  • Discover How to Be Ethical with AI: Machine learning is growing in People analytics too.
    Read More.
  • Ask the Right Questions: There are key business decisions that can be made from the insights generated within each HR Function.
    Challenge yourself to find the answers.
  • Tell Great Stories: What's the point of data if you can't tell great stories? Start thinking through the stories you want to tell today. Get Worksheet.
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The Importance of Predictive Insights in Our HR Whitepapers

As you read each of our people analytics assets, you'll start to discover how our One AI platform will add instant insights to your analytics.

  • Exploratory Data Analysis: Before AI, you need to explore your data and discover where correlations exist. Learn more about EDA.
  • Get Instant Forecasting: In One Model, lightbulb icons in charts instantaneously build forecast models with your data.
  • Follow an AI Recipe: Turn any HR professional into an AI scientist with step-by-step guidelines and models built only with your data.
hr whitepapers and people analytics ebooks that show how the future of HR AI will work

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