Keep It Real & Ethical:
What You Need To Know About AI & ML in HR

Need-to-know-ai-machine-learning-in-hr-ebookAbout the eBook

Whether you're new to AI and machine learning or you're at the forefront of the industry, this comprehensive review of machine learning applications in human resource management is a great read. This ebook covers AI learning for beginners and dives into specific ML applications and how to determine the solution that works best for your organization.

The hype around AI/ML in HR technology is significant and the principles and processes that are needed to ensure ethical outcomes are lagging.

In this paper, we define a set of Guiding Principles and, most importantly, a set of Processes for ethical people business intelligence machine learning. When you learn machine learning, there's stewardship that we believe you should be discussing (immediately) within your organizations. Each of these processes (and sub-processes) is defined in the paper in plain, readable language to enable the widest possible readership. All the best information is summarized just for you in a reading format better than all those artificial intelligence in hr research papers.

Overview of Guiding Principles

  • People Data for Good
  • Human-in-the-Middle
  • Value Understanding

Ethical AI/ML Processes Summary:

  • Initial Value and Ethics Screening
  • In-The-Moment-Evaluation (ITME)
  • Model Portfolio Management
  • Stakeholder and Issue Management

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Who Should Read This?

  • Anyone purchasing or managing HR technology
  • Data scientists that are building AI/ML in HR
  • All HR technology vendors and implementers
  • Ethics and Governance leaders
  • Everyone that is touched by HR technology (ie, all of us!)