Looking for an Exciting Career in People Analytics?

Looking for an Exciting Career inPeople Analytics?

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Who is One Model?

One Model is experiencing fast growth as a leading vendor in the growing people analytics space. We are seeking strong marketing professionals who can help us build brand awareness, tell our story, and grow revenue. With customers and staff around the world, One Model is a complete people analytics solution, with a cloud hosted data warehousing platform and data visualization app enabling companies to unlock the value of their HR data and use it to drive decision making. As we continue to scale up, with a large (and pretty impressive) user base, you will have the opportunity to bring your best practices and ideas, be mentored by some of the best, and help One Model in its mission to help organizations and their people thrive.



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Tony A

Why Did Tony Get Excited About One Model?

When Tony joined as CPO at One Model, he came ready to help transform our product. Read why Tony chose to work at One Model.


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