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Celebrating 8  Years of People Data Cloud™️ Success: Software for HR Data Analytics

At One Model, we’re inspired by innovative companies and their thriving people. After years of building analytics tools for other HR software companies, our company’s founders knew that there was a better way to deliver the people metrics, predictive insights, and data analytics that inform brilliant talent decisions at all levels of the organization. 

Chris, Dave, and Matt set about building People Data Cloud™️ eight years ago. Today, the platform has been adopted by dozens and dozens of the world’s most prominent brands and has truly democratized people analytics and machine learning for business and data professionals across the enterprise. Now any large company can harness the insights that are locked away in legacy platforms, tools, and approaches.

What is the People Data Cloud?

People Data Cloud is a people analytics platform that orchestrates previously unfathomable levels of data integration across silos of HR analytics data, including human capital management, talent acquisition, learning and development, compensation and benefits, and employee experience domains. By reorganizing and structuring data in the ideal way, People Data Cloud can deliver unparalleled reporting and analysis, including libraries of standard and custom reports, sensible metrics by which any manager can make great people decisions, and a forecasting solution that's powered by the industry’s most transparent, ethical, and accurate machine learning capability.

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When I spoke with co-founder and CEO Chris Butler, he attributed much of the company’s success to a focus on product quality and a passion for customer success. “Brilliant talent decisions at large organizations are the result of clarity and fairness,” he said. “Our mission is to deliver the most informative analytical content and ensure that it is 100% trusted by decision-makers.” He went on to tell me that One Model's approach has been to appeal to the largest possible number of decision makers while offering the best possible tools regardless of where the organization is on its people analytics journey.

One Model’s people analytics product is offered in three flavors. People Analytics Enterprise is a complete solution that neatly and cleanly integrates all of the organization’s data sources and data destinations, and comes with a level of customer support that is unheard of in the cloud software industry. People Analytics Essentials is a great choice for organizations that wrestle with their one main HCM or core HR system and need to unlock insights from that system quickly and accurately. Finally, People Analytics Data Mesh helps enterprise data teams save time by providing off-the-shelf integrations and pre-fabricated data models that dramatically reduce time-to-value for strategic people data initiatives. Here are some of the great features included in these People Data Cloud offerings:

  • Robust, out-of-the-box library of interactive standard and custom reports, dashboards, and visualizations that apply to any level of the organization, from the top of the org chart down to each individual team and across any business unit;
  • Make it your own by self-customizing your out-of-the-box content, without needing IT or vendor support
  • Ability to deliver destination-specific data for BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI, or exports to spreadsheets;
  • Proprietary, analytics-ready data model that harnesses HR data from Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, ADP, Oracle, Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, and many more HCM and HRIS systems;
  • Ability to extract the data model to external data warehouses such as Snowflake, GCP, AWS and Azure to preserve existing reporting infrastructure and maintain flexibility;
  • Option to host data storage on Virtual Private Cloud on AWS;
  • A single, truly consolidated enterprise HR data asset (finally)

I also caught up with Tony Ashton, One Model’s Chief Product Officer, to understand why our product earns its rave reviews from customers and experts. He told me, “In the early days of One Model, we worked extremely hard to build the best data orchestration technology possible,” said Tony Ashton, Chief Product Officer at One Model. “Even the world’s best visualizations are utterly worthless if the data model cannot support the demands of data science,” he continued. “So our product delivers an enterprise-grade analytics asset whose value extends deep into the organization,” he concluded.

The One Model community includes tens of thousands of HR practitioners, IT professionals, and business leaders whose success depends on making better, faster people decisions.

What Sets People Data Cloud Apart from Other HR Analytics Data Solutions?

One Model’s People Data Cloud is unlike any other HR software solution for three main reasons:

1. Transparency.

People Data Cloud exposes every data output, including sources, calculations, and model inputs and transformations, with a single mouse click.

2. Control.

You can manipulate any calculations or predictions and put your transformed data anywhere you’d like.

3. Transformation.

Our transformation logic replicates and synchronizes your poorly-structured data in Workday, SuccessFactors, Oracle (and dozens more) to deliver a truly analytics-ready, enterprise data asset.

4. Scalability with Security.

You can deliver data or visuals anywhere in the organization with built-in role-based security. So if you need an analyst to evaluate and optimize comp at an organization level without disclosing the names and salaries to the analyst, no problem!


The ideal structures for your organizational people data are complex, but One Model has made the process of orchestrating all of that data much easier.

Software for HR Must Be Transparent

One Model had to make a choice that was unique for HR software. The team purposely chose to make People Data Cloud a transparent platform because the data within it, and the decisions made using it, needed to be trusted by the rest of the organization.

Part of transforming the industry of people analytics is thinking differently.

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