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Level up your career with a TALREOS People Analytics Virtual Career Meetup. This informative series, hosted by Northwestern Workforce Science Project and our very own Richard Rosenow, brings together people analytics professionals at every stage of their journey to uncover the secrets of success.

Join us as industry experts share how they've crafted their careers and reveal what they seek when bringing new talent into their teams. It's your opportunity to gain valuable insights, network with fellow enthusiasts, and propel your career to new heights!

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June Event with Brian Conaway

Join Richard Rosenow, Deborah Weiss, and Brian Conaway from Instacart as he discusses the importance of embracing AI and Gen AI in the field of people analytics. We know that embracing AI technologies is essentials but how can leaders prioritize driving tangible results? In this great discussion, Brian talks through practical applications of AI bots as well as benefits of integration within people analytics processes.



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June Event with Kearney Fulton

Join Richard Rosenow, Deborah Weiss, and Kearney Fulton to discuss the challenges and strategies involved in building a people analytics team at Eli Lily, focusing on the importance of technical skills, domain knowledge, prioritization, and gaining buy-in from stakeholders. In this insightful discussion Kearney highlights how we can gain buy-in, prioritize tasks, and build a team for better business outcomes.

March Event with Rupert Bader and Ross Sparkman

Join Richard Rosenow, Deborah Weiss, and the Walmart team to explore workforce planning. The team structure at Walmart is focused on a people-first culture, emphasizing analytics and data-driven decision-making. The company values workforce planning, technology, and innovation to drive business success. In this discussion, they highlight the partnership between finance and People Partners, the emphasis on analytics and data-driven decision-making, and the critical role of workforce planning.

November Event with Liz Bailey

Take a deeper dive with us into how organisations shape roles and responsibilities in these jobs. Richard Rosenow introduces Liz Bailey, a senior manager of people analytics insights at Ulta Beauty. Liz shares her journey in people analytics and the importance of never closing a door. Get insights from someone who has worked across several vital departments. Bailey's journey began with studying marketing in international business and moving into a sales role before transitioning to recruiting. 

September Event with Chad Coleman

Join us with special guest Chad Coleman as we highlight the importance of having a diverse team with different skill sets to showcase the value of people analytics in a business setting. How do we balance the need to provide immediate value and long-term projects? Find out from leaders who have transitioned from a business intelligence role to a data science role and solved challenges in explainability and balancing technical and project management skills.

September Event with Amy Frost Stevenson

Amy Frost Stevenson, Director of People Insights at HP, shares her journey into the field of people analytics, highlighting her unexpected transition from pre-veterinary medicine to a career focused on psychology and analytics. She discusses the value of her PhD experience in gaining a deeper understanding of measurement techniques and statistics, despite the changing landscape of learning opportunities for professionals today. Amy emphasizes HP's commitment to innovation and experimentation in the field and outlines her team's structure, consisting of four pillars: platform enablement and data management, reporting and analytics solutions, global employee listening, and strategy and operations management, which includes HR data privacy.

July Event with Nicole Ferguson and Stephen Newman

The panelists learn from Nicole Ferguson and Stephen Newman. Nicole shared her non-traditional path, which started with wanting to become a professor and then moving to organisational psychology and into people analytics. Steven’s journey started with a degree in psychology and an interest in data analysis.

The discussion then moved on to the challenges of working with data, including data privacy and ethics, and organisational design of people analytics teams. They also discussed the importance of storytelling with data and how to communicate insights effectively.

July Event with Linda Ngyuyen Bergin

Tune in as Linda Ngyuyen Bergen shared her experience of previously working at Walmart, Blackberry, and Nike in cross-functional roles, which allowed her to gain insight into connecting the trends and dots across the department and company. She enjoys technology and operations and has a passion for people analytics because she believes that the people are what make a company truly different.

June Event with Ryan Colthrop

Join the panel as they discuss Ryan Colthrop's journey from being a campus recruiter at JPMorgan Chase to his current role in HR project management at OKTA. He also talked about how he transitioned from financial services to tech and how he found his latest role. The panel discussed the importance of skill sets and the ability to adapt to a new environment. They emphasised the significance of networking and building relationships while looking for a job.

May Event with Bethany Dohleman and Sam Orelove

Follow Sam and Bethany through their career journeys. Sam Orlob entered the field through a Marriott Vacations internship, where they created a talent analytics role from there. He noted a shift from generalists to specialists in people analytics, including data scientists, engineers, and consultants, but highlighted the ongoing need for psychologists. On the other hand, Bethany Dolman initially worked in HR but transitioned to data and analytics after earning a master's degree in data analytics. She emphasised the value of networking and relationship-building.

April Event with Mike Merrit and Nicole Hazard

Nicole Hazard, Head of HR Analytics at Citizens Bank, and Mike Merritt, Global Head of People Analytics at Sanofi, share their expertise and hiring needs. Nicole, with a decade of experience, expressed her excitement about her role at Citizens Bank. Mike, new to Sanofi, highlighted the company's global reach and scale. The event featured structured Q&A in the first half and interactive discussions with the audience in the second half. It provided a valuable learning opportunity for those interested in people analytics, with insights from seasoned professionals.

May Event with Chris Coleman and Anthony Ferreras

Chris, Anthony, and the panel discussed career paths in people analytics and its evolving nature. Ferraras highlighted its substantial growth with expanded entry points and education options. Coleman stressed the value of storytelling with data and strong communication. They also discussed challenges in implementing people analytics and aligning it with business goals.

March Event with Greg Russell

Listen as Greg and Richard stress data's role in unleashing human potential and aligning it with organisational goals. Together, they highlighted essential skills: technical expertise, storytelling, and actionable insight delivery. Discussions included establishing reporting routines, providing meaningful insights, and fostering advisory relationships with talent acquisition leaders.