Ditch the DIY Drama: Embrace Vendor Maintenance for Sustainable People Analytics

Ditch the DIY Drama: Embrace Vendor Maintenance for Sustainable People Analytics
When considering implementing a people analytics solution into your organization, an important first step is to consider if you should buy an out-of-the-box solution, build one yourself from scratch,...
Ditch the DIY Drama: Embrace Vendor Maintenance for Sustainable People Analytics

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November 2, 2023 Joe Grohovsky

HR Law: Will your People Analytics AI activity create legal concerns?

In a recent editorial (here), Emerging Intelligence Columnist John Sumser explains how pending EU Artificial Intelligence (AI)...
October 24, 2023 Shiann Weiss

Failed IT Projects & Lessons Learned from In-house Development

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with several awe-inspiring developers and building some pretty cool...
September 18, 2023 Lauren Canada

How One Model Limits IT Security Risks for People Analytics

This infographic dives into what the IT security risks are in the people analytics space, how they can impact your business financially,...
September 1, 2023 Dennis Behrman

Revolutionizing HR Management with AI-Powered People Analytics

Human resources (HR) management has become more critical in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. HR departments face the challenge...
September 1, 2023 Phil Schrader

SuccessFactors:  The Goldilocks Applicant Tracking System

It’s always good news when a prospective One Model customer tells me that they use SuccessFactors for recruiting. Given that HR technology...
June 26, 2023 Dennis Behrman

How does HR analytics software work?

Phil Schrader and Stephen Haigh had an opportunity to attend the People Analytics World Conference in London April 26-27, 2023. During...
April 25, 2023 Lauren Canada

3 Keys to Great Employee Listening at Scale

Effective workforce and employee listening is one of the most critical skills for HR professionals. To address workforce needs, HR team...
March 29, 2023 Richard Rosenow

How to Implement HR Analytics and Overcome Common Barriers

People analytics is essential in today's complex business world as it helps organizations make data-driven decisions to maximize the value...
January 19, 2023 Phil Schrader

Your Recruiters are Impacting Your Employee Outcomes

The Power of Combining Data Sources
January 6, 2023 Eliza Fury

The HR Revolution: Maximizing Your Talent Resources With People Analytics

Like many others, data is not a new concept. If you’re anything like me you’ve grown up with it. Whether it was making your first social...
November 21, 2022 Phil Schrader

4 Advantages of People Analytics in a Recession

People analytics provides insight into your organisation’s workforce. Your company’s workforce is at or near the top of your organisation’s...
October 20, 2022 Stacia Damron

4 Diversity Metrics that Measure Your DE&I Success

Is your company meeting its diversity goals? More importantly, if it is, are you adequately measuring diversity and inclusion success?...
June 20, 2022 Chris Butler

HRIS Software Comparison: Who has the Best People Analytics Integration Architecture?

Workday vs SuccessFactors vs OracleRatings Based on Experience Integrating HR Tech for People Analytics This vendor-by-vendor comparison...
July 22, 2021 Nicholas Garbis

New Whitepaper from One Model: "Delivering People Analytics from Workday"

Our team recently published a whitepaper which explains the "how and why" of our approach to getting data out of Workday. In it we share a...
July 19, 2021 Chris Butler

One Model appointed to the Australian Government's Digital Transformation Agency Cloud Marketplace

One Model has announced its appointment to the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Agency Cloud Marketplace, a digital sourcing...
April 22, 2021 Phil Schrader

Greenhouse Workday Integration with Engagement Surveys: The Secrets Your Cohorts are Hiding.

Thanks for stopping by the blog to check out our work on integrating Workday, Greenhouse, and Engagement Survey data. Along with a video ...
July 1, 2020 Jamie Strnisha

The Need to Build Structural Views of Data: SAP SuccessFactors Data

Over the years I have worked with several operational and strategic (analytic) reporting tools. I have found challenges with both types of...
June 1, 2020 Chris Butler

People Analytics for SAP SuccessFactors

The first in a series of posts tackling the individual nuances we see with HR technology systems and the steps we take in overcoming their...
October 12, 2018 Stacia Damron

Workplace Trust - 58% of People Trust Strangers More than Their Own Boss

It’s a great time to be in management, right? According to a Harvard Business Review survey, we live in a world where trust is at an all...
September 26, 2018 Stacia Damron

There are more CEOs named David than there are women CEOs.

It’s sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. According to the New York Times, 4.2% of women held CEO roles in America’s 500 largest companies....
September 11, 2018 Stacia Damron

HRExaminer Adds One Model to "Most Interesting AI Companies in HR Tech" Watchlist

Today, at The HR Technology Conference and Exposition, HRExaminer unveiled its 2019 Watchlist - "The Most Interesting AI Vendors in HR...
June 28, 2018 Stacia Damron

One Model Announces Greenhouse Integration

One Model is excited to officially announce that today, we launched our new integration with Greenhouse Software, the fastest growing...
June 25, 2018 Chris Butler

Future Proofing the Future of Work

A few weeks ago I gave a presentation at the Talent Strategy Institute’s Future of Work conference (now PAFOW) in San Francisco about how I...
March 15, 2018 Phil Schrader

The One Model Difference #11 - Your Data Insurance Policy

There will be over 400 HR product and service providers in the expo hall at HR Tech in September. A typical company makes use of 8 - 11 of...
February 14, 2018 Stacia Damron

One Model Announces Updated 2018 Trade Show Schedule

Find our team in a city near you, and stop by in person to learn more about our workforce analytics solutions. February 9, 2018 - Austin, TX
November 6, 2017 Chris Butler

One Model Announces Launch of Recruiting Analytics for SmartRecruiters Customers

Recruiting Analytics is now available for SmartRecruiters Customers We’re happy to announce that a standalone Recruiting Analytics version...
March 29, 2017 Chris Butler

The end of the snapshot for people analytics: Workday edition

I recently made a simple post on LinkedIn which received a crazy amount of views and overwhelmed us with requests to take a look at what we...