People Analytics Topics That Won’t Start an Argument at Thanksgiving

The holiday season is here! And with it comes family, food, and perhaps a little friendly debate. This year, let's set aside the usual topics that lead to eye rolls and heated discussions with Uncle Bob. Here are 3 people analytics topics to elevate the dinner table banter and avoid an argument over the turkey.

1. Overworking in a post-pandemic world

Did you know that employees are clocking in three extra hours each day compared to pre-pandemic times? It's a surprising revelation that demands our attention, especially when coupled with the fact that workplace burnout is affecting a significant 41% of workers. The extended work hours may be a consequence of the blurred lines between professional and personal life in the remote work era. As you gather around the holiday table, consider discussing how businesses can strike a balance between productivity and well-being, fostering a work environment that prioritizes both.

2. Lacking engagement leads to less profits

Here's a captivating statistic: highly engaged teams exhibit a remarkable 21% greater profitability. Yet, only 20% of employees report being engaged at work. So how can organizations cultivate a culture that not only satisfies employees but truly engages them? Discussing the impact of workplace culture on employee engagement can open up avenues for exploring innovative approaches to create environments where employees feel valued and motivated.

3. Staying remote has increased productivity

With over 50% of employers citing increased productivity as the primary benefit of remote work, the landscape of work is undergoing a significant transformation. As you dive into that pumpkin pie, consider exploring the potential of remote work in the long run. How can organizations harness this newfound productivity without compromising collaboration and team dynamics? Delve into the dynamics of remote work and share insights on striking the right balance for sustained success.

Incorporating these people analytics topics into your holiday conversations can provide a fresh perspective on the evolving nature of work. As we reflect on the challenges and opportunities of the past year, let's toast to a future where work not only sustains our livelihoods but also enriches our lives. Cheers to a Thanksgiving feast filled with engaging conversations, and happy Thanksgiving from One Model!

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