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People Analytics Spooky Stories: Tales of HR Horror

As Halloween approaches, it's time to gather 'round the virtual campfire and hear some spine-tingling tales of people analytics gone awry. Here are six fictional stories sure to scare even the bravest of HR teams and how One Model can help you avoid these spooky situations.

1. The Deceptive AI

An HR team relied on AI-driven analytics software to make a crucial headcount decision. Little did they know that the AI was deceiving them. The system served them incorrect data, leading to unfortunate and unnecessary layoffs. The AI had betrayed them. It turns out, most generative AI is only about 70% accurate.

The One Model Solution:

One Model's people analytics platform boasts AI that uses tools humans do, offering more reliable results for critical decisions. With One AI, you'll never have to worry about deceitful AI in the shadows.

2. The Data Breach Nightmare

In a horrifying twist, a company's HR database suffered a data breach, exposing sensitive employee information. The breach sent shockwaves through the organization, leaving employees' personal data vulnerable. Scary situations like this one cost the average U.S. company $9.44M.

The One Model Solution:

One Model offers a secure platform, prioritizing IT security and limiting security risks to safeguard your data. Your sensitive information is locked away, protected from malicious entities.

3. The Mysterious Analytics Abyss

During a tense meeting with the finance leadership, the people analytics team faced a daunting question about headcount. They turned to their analytics solution for answers, only to find they were trapped at the surface, unable to dive deep into HR metrics. They knew the data was in the platform somewhere, but they couldn’t find it. The analytics platform they'd invested in was incapable of solving their pressing business challenges.

The One Model Solution:

One Model's platform is transparent and flexible, empowering you to explore HR metrics and derive actionable insights to solve your business problems. It can also empower HR teams and Finance teams to have two different, yet both accurate, views of headcount. Learn more here.

4. The Curse of an In-House Build

A company chose to build a custom people analytics solution in-house, hoping it would perfectly align with their organizational needs. But the in-house build turned into a nightmare, consuming time, money, and precious internal resources. It ultimately proved more costly than if they’d just purchased a platform from a trusted vendor.

The One Model Solution:

One Model offers the only people analytics platform that truly combines the benefits of both buying and building, delivering a best-of-both worlds scenario. Teams can buy our flexible PA platform and leverage its pre-built elements as is, or they can opt to build within the platform and configure it to fit their organization’s unique needs — either customizing the tool on their own or with the help of our highly-skilled team of data engineers and customer success professionals. With this choose-your-own-adventure approach, enterprises can enjoy both the simplicity of buying and the optional customisation of building. Learn more in this whitepaper.

5. The Wrath of Regulatory Non-Compliance

A company faced the wrath of regulatory authorities when the HR and people analytics teams failed to comply with AI regulations. They were slapped with hefty penalties and fines, casting a dark shadow over their finances and the business’s reputation. It didn’t lead to their complete demise this time, but non-compliance can cost €20M or 4% of annual revenue from the preceding year.

The One Model Solution:

One Model keeps you informed about AI regulations and ensures your platform remains compliant. No need to fear the consequences of non-compliance when you have One Model as your trusted people analytics partner.

6. The Inadequate Security Spells Doom

Misconfigured security permissions in the company's people analytics system allowed unauthorized users to access sensitive information, including pay rates and performance reviews. The consequences of this breach were catastrophic.

The One Model Solution:

One Model's role-based security guarantees that only authorized personnel access sensitive data, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your information.
Illuminating the Path Forward
No matter the pitfalls your people analytics team may face, rest assured that One Model's people analytics platform is your guiding light in the darkness. We offer a secure, transparent, flexible, and customizable platform, backed by dedicated support to navigate the most challenging HR scenarios.

Don't let these spine-chilling tales haunt your dreams.


Reach out for a demo and discover how we can lead you to data-driven HR success.


This Halloween season, ensure your HR analytics journey is a treat, not a terrifying trick!

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