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Funny HR Gifts for Your Favorite People Analytics All Stars

Are you looking for a way to bring joy to an HR professional close to your heart? The right gift can crack a smile on their face and make them feel special. That could even mean including a gift for their future "little people analytics superstar". Since the holiday season is coming, we know you're likely having a busy period. If you're doing a bit of gift-giving for the holidays and struggling to find out what someone on your team might like, we have you covered. So, whether you have one person to get gifts for or multiple, we know you're bound to be scratching your head.

Therefore, to help you out, One Model has compiled a shortlist of thoughtful and funny HR gifts to get you started.


Shop by HR Gift Categories

Office Accessories
Games & Activities
Pet Lovers
More Fun Than Serious Reading

Kids' Gifts for their Mini-Me

People Analytics Kids Books
Business Toys
Games for Future Inclusion Leaders

Looking for a gift for the entire company - Check us out.

Office Accessories

Permission Slips , Office Citations, or Witty Women Can't Be Nice Notepads




Tea and Coffee Mugs

Recruiters Swear, HR can't fix crazy, Did you Document It?, Data Analyst, Relax I have a spreadsheet



Tumblers and Happy Hour glasses

 Because I used my HR Voice Glass, There's no crying in HR, Analyst- I'm not arguing, Because payroll, HR hows your day wine glass, I'm a data analyst



Decision Makers

Logo Paperweights and Wheels or the classic Magic 8 Ball




Other fun desk accessories


Desk signs like "When You Excel..", custom job title plague, or Don't Make Me Use My HR Voice

Candles like "Smells like this could've been an email" or "Smells like Traitor Just Kidding"

Or even funny HR pens and notebooks


Games & Activities


Charty Party - Get you're chart on!







For the cook

Recipes from around the world

For the pet lover in HR

It's not that they like their furry friends more than humans, it's just that they are easier to deal with.
For those into Learning and Development > Dog puzzle toy
For those who bring their dog to the office > Dog suit and Laptop Chew toy
For those that express themselves through pets > Cat Moody or Dog Moody desk cards



Coloring Books - There are so many options
Snarky and Humorous for Adults


#HRLife Coloring Book
HR hashtag coloring book


Data Analyst Color Book

Fun Reads 

Save the serious books for birthday presents.


Am I Overthinking This (A Great Pairing with the Decision Makers Above)

You Can't Make This Sh*t Up!: Tales From the HR Crypt

Surrounded by Idiots

Per My Last Email...


Want to couple a funny book with something more stimulating? Check out the book recommendations from Richard Rosenow's People Analytics Library.

Also, check out our people analytics children's books.

Gifts For Those Future People Analytics Superstars


People Analytics Kids Books

A is for Analytics


The Great Graph Contest


Machine Learning for Kids: A Project-Based Introduction to Artificial Intelligence


I Am Human: A Book of Empathy


Bayesian Probability for Babies


HR Business Toys for Kids

Play Office Worker with Complete Pretend Workstation



Build an Office Doll House

Office Accessories & Spaces


Office Dolls


Fun Games for Future DE&I Leaders

Around The World Trivia 


Friends & Neighbors Helping Game


Stone Soup Board Game

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas and helps your holiday shopping season go a little bit smoother. Everyone loves a laugh during the holidays whether it be HR gag gifts or other cheeky gifts for HR professionals. One Model is committed to helping every individual at an organization be successful by empowering them with the people insights they need to make the best decisions for that organization.

Want to get the entire company a gift?

Check out what One Model can offer:



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