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Celebrating David Green and His Contributions to People Analytics

David Green, a powerhouse in the people analytics world and a wonderful friend, is celebrating a major milestone, and the whole people analytics community is here for it.

Congratulations, David Green, for 10 years of inspiring people analytics professionals with your Data Driven HR Monthly Newsletter 


Why Not Listening to David Green Should Carry a Health Warning

Richard Stein, Chief Growth Officer at Amazing Workplace, recently observed on LinkedIn: “There is a reason why David Green is #1 and not listening to him should carry a health warning!”

This statement captures David's impact on the market. David Green is not merely a renowned expert in people analytics, data-driven HR, and the future of work; he stands as one of the most influential figures in the HR community today.

Throughout his career and in his latest role as Executive Director at Insight222, David has helped thousands of practitioners find our space of work and supported hundreds of global member organizations in creating value and enhancing employee experiences through the development and application of people analytics.

David’s influence spans numerous platforms, reaching hundreds of thousands across his channels:

A Decade of Insights

This month, David celebrates a significant milestone: 10 years of producing his popular newsletter, a roll-up of at first annual, then quarterly, and, as of late, monthly takeaways and links to the best articles and content coming out across people analytics.

The Data Driven HR Monthly newsletter has grown into a media empire of sorts and a critical resource for the HR and people analytics community. Each issue delves into the latest trends in people analytics, digital HR, and the future of work, providing a curated selection of noteworthy articles, research findings, and practical advice from industry leaders.

His inaugural roll-up on LinkedIn, "The 20 best HR Analytics articles of 2014", is still a must-read. It continues to hold true as a Who's Who of leaders changing the world of people analytics today, and many of the articles highlighted there are relevant a decade later (for better or for worse!). 

The newsletter's consistent engagement highlights how readers from across HR and beyond find value in his insights to stay informed and drive organizational transformation. It stands out for its comprehensive coverage and its role in fostering a well-informed and forward-thinking HR community.

Noteworthy Mentions

Green has been recognized with several notable awards and accolades in the field of people analytics and HR. Some of his key recognitions include:

The Top 10 HR Influencers of 2024 (HR Cap, January 2024),  ‘The 100 most influential people in HR’ (The HR Weekly, January 2021), and for the third year in succession, the ‘Top 100 HR tech influencers’ (HR Executive, May 2021).

Additionally, we included Ferrar and Green’s book Excellence in People Analytics in our One Model Virtual Library (our recommended reading list) and were honored to be mentioned in it.

London PAW speakers

To the Future

David Green's contributions to the field of people analytics are lasting and foundational. David has shaped the way organizations and leaders across our field harness data to enhance human resources and overall workplace efficiency. He has made the world of work a better place through his efforts. As the HR world continues to evolve, we look forward to many more years of his valuable insights.



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