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Ready to easily orchestrate HR data?

We've curated a special playlist just for HRIT leaders like you! Discover how One Model's people analytics platform can help you orchestrate HR data to get actionable insights and harmoniously align your systems into a finely-tuned symphony.

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HRIT Playlist

The "tracks" on this HRIT playlist cover a variety of genres from buying v building a PA solution to ethical AI in HR to data security and sovereignty.

By the end of the playlist, you'll understand how One Model's people analytics platform can help HRIT leaders transform their people data and systems into a melodic masterpiece that resonates throughout the entire org.


5 Tips for Getting HR Data Extraction Right

Finding and extracting workforce data to use for analytics is maybe the first and most common challenge that people analytics teams encounter. In this blog post, Richard Rosenow share tips I’ve learned about data extraction for HR teams, common challenges involved in extracting data, and best practices for overcoming these challenges.

People Analytics 101

Whether you're new to people analytics or ready to enhance your existing program, this eBook covers everything you need to know about establishing a strong foundation for a successful people analytics function that leads to smarter HR strategy and meaningful change across your organisation.

Buying or Building a People Analytics Solution

This whitepaper breaks the debate down into some very useful frameworks (and a surprisingly effective analogy to cookies, believe it or not). Meet the 'Scrappy Geniuses' and the 'Cathedral Builders'. Who wins this People Analytics competition?

8 Questions to Ask When Selecting an AI-Powered HR Tool

Leaders are scrambling to understand how to make the right purchase decisions when it comes to AI in HR. Make the right AI purchase for your HR team by knowing the questions to ask.

No-Code Machine Learning for People Data: A Culinary Approach

With the introduction of One AI Recipes, One Model has created an intuitive interface for no-code machine learning in people analytics. We call them Recipes because they walk you through each of the steps necessary to create a delicious dish; a predictive model. Learn more in this blog.

How to Be Great Stewards of AI in HR

AI regulation is here. So it's crucial for HRIT leaders to be stewards of ethical AI and foster AI transparency. Learn more about ethical AI/ML in HR by reading this whitepaper.

Achieve People Analytics Maturity with a People Data Platform

Let's analyze the People Data Platform framework to help our internal stakeholders better understand what is different about various people analytics tools and how we should think about our data ETL processes.

Here's the People Data Cloud™️ Approach to HR Security

People analytics deals with extremely sensitive information. Let’s dive into the risks and explore why One Model is different from others when it comes to an effective HR data security policy in this space.

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