One AI: Ethical and Transparent AI in HR

Explore the machine learning framework transforming how People Analytics professionals use artificial intelligence.

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What is One AI?

One AI Integrates cutting-edge machine learning capabilities into the One Model Platform, equipping HR Professionals with readily-accessible insights from their people analytics data.

One AI delivers a suite of easy-to-use predictive pipelines and data extensions, allowing organizations to build, understand, and predict workforce behaviors. One AI extends upon the One Model platform capabilities to deliver people analytics machine learning insights from custom built models and automatically inside their dashboards. One AI allows teams to make the best-informed, most-ethical people decisions because it is the only fully-explainable machine learning platform, designed specifically for transparency and ethics.

One Model AI allows HR Professionals to:


Create Quality Predictive Models For Your Data Set

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Provide Actionable Prediction Explanations


Support Advanced Model Configuration


Require Minimal Model Maintenance


Augment And Extend Data Sets With Ease


Equip Users With Latest Machine Learning Techniques


Deploy Your Own Models And Statistics In Our Infrastructure

One AI Recipes

With a simple question-and-answer wizard, anyone can build a custom data model powered only by your data.

Incorporating AI in human resources has become more accessible with the ability to transform any HR team member into a data scientist. The model can be built automatically with easy-to-answer, intuitive questions, saving time and effort. The AI is trained ethically and transparently, utilizing only your data. Step-by-step workflows and off-the-shelf model alternatives provide a streamlined process for implementation.

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An Integrated Machine Learning Framework

One AI is built into One Model and only ever uses your data unlike every other People Analytics AI solution out there.

One AI’s ability to incorporate machine learning insights into an organization’s people analytics strategy is significant. By creating more precise models, and augmenting internal capabilities, an organization can better identify cost-saving opportunities and mitigate risk. Our flexible, open platform allows you to use our tools, or bring your own, and run them in our infrastructure. This is what it means to have AI in HR.

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Our Machine Learning Framework Allows Your People Team To

Assess Turnover Risk
Uncover Candidate Quality
Detect Data Anomaly
Discover Buried Insights
Employee Level Explanations
Employee Level Prescription
Run Your Own Python
Run Your Own R

Automated People Analytics Machine Learning

Target Selection

Company wide attrition, specific org unit attrition, headcount

Define Performance

Choose how you want to evaluate your models or let us choose for you.

Data Extraction

Pulls all data from systems in OneModel and parse into relevant timeframes.

Data Augmentation

Injects data using OneModel augmentations (commute time, stock values, skill rankings, job demand, etc.)

Domain Specific Feature Generation

Systematically generating new features using domain experience.

Feature Cleaning & Transformation

Analysis of all data in the system and steps to exclude dirty data and clean data that can be saved.

Automated Feature Selection

Selects the statistically optimal subset of features for modeling.

Manual Override

Allows users to manually include or exclude features (optional).

Time Frame Selection

Considers different lengths of time for training set (1, 2, 3 years, etc.).

Class Rebalancing

If label classifications are imbalanced, attempt to rebalance using preprocessing techniques.

Modeling Analysis & Selection

A set of models are benchmarked and tuned against the selected scorer.

Modeling Report

A detailed explanation of the selected model’s generation, including salient points from data engineering steps and performance metrics.

Modeling Deployment

Supports batch predictions and endpoint creation for live predictions.

Modeling Monitoring


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