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HR Leadership

Crank up HR's volume with One Model

We've curated a special playlist just for HR leaders like you! Discover how One Model's people analytics platform can help you orchestrate HR data to get actionable insights and harmoniously align your leadership teams into a finely-tuned symphony.

HR Leadership

HR Leadership Playlist

The "tracks" on this HR leadership playlist cover a variety of genres from the employee lifecycle to retention to diversity and equity.

By the end of the playlist, you'll understand how One Model's people analytics platform can help HR leaders transform their people data and strategies into a melodic masterpiece that resonates throughout the entire org.


People Analytics 101

Whether you're new to people analytics or ready to enhance your existing program, this eBook covers everything you need to know about establishing a strong foundation for a successful people analytics function that leads to smarter HR strategy and meaningful change across your organisation.

8 Questions to Ask When Selecting an AI-Powered HR Tool

Leaders are scrambling to understand how to make the right purchase decisions when it comes to AI in HR. Make the right AI purchase for your HR team by knowing the questions to ask.

Blueprint for Building a People Analytics Team

Read this Whitepaper to define the objectives and roles as well as lay out a plan for growing the impact and value of your PA team. Walk through each role and define their objectives, deliverables and goals. How many roles are you covering?

Projecting Future Diversity Levels

In this worksheet and video combo piece, you'll learn how One Model can help you tighten the turning radius of your org. We'll walk through building a basic projection and scenario model and point you towards which levers to adjust for the right results.

Measuring Cost Allocation Over Time Periods

One Model's Phil Schrader shares how you can use our people analytics platform to examine cost data for your workforce and identify your headcount costs.

Storytelling with Data Across the Employee Lifecycle

This infographic reveals four key HR metrics to strengthen your next data story, so you can prevent costly turnover and retain top talent.

Why HR Teams Should Monitor Net Hires

Net hires are a critical component of workforce management, as they help organisations determine staffing needs, forecast future headcount, and make informed decisions about recruitment and retention strategies. In this video and blog combo, we’ll explore the concept of net hires, how it’s calculated, and why it’s essential for organisations to track this metric.

Your Recruiters Are Impacting Your Employee Outcomes

In another video and blog combo track, One Model's very own Phil Schrader talks about his favorite merged source metric: First-year attrition by recruiter! Tt's one that can be useful for managing a recruiting function, but it's also a helpful example to explain why we all need to merge recruiting and HR data.

From Theory to Practice: Using Employee Retention Metrics to Maximize Your Workforce

Retention rate and turnover rate are two distinct metrics that measure employee longevity in an organisation. Understanding employee retention rate is essential for businesses to succeed, so this blog dives into the calculation.

What's the difference between data science and people analytics?

In this YouTube short, our VP of Strategy Richard Rosenow shares a helpful way you can easily discern between data science and people analytics.

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