People Analytics Data Integration for Core Workforce Data

Core workforce data, analytics-ready data models, ready to consume content, and rapid deployment. All delivered with total flexibility at a price point you can fast track through approval. You are only days away from a people analytics breakthrough.

Who is this product a fit for?

Budget Constrained

If you don't have the budget for a complete end-to-end solution, then One Model Essentials with integration to core workforce data is perfect for you.

Smaller Organizations

For smaller organizations, focus on reporting and analytics from the core data in your HCM and people systems so your executives can make it right.

Starting People Analytics

If you're just getting started on your people analytics journey, and embedded analytics in your HRIS aren't giving you the insights you need.

Internal Builders

One Model is the only people analytics provider with open access to data and outputs to external data stores. Empower your data engineers.

Consulting Organizations

Human Capital Analysis projects can be delivered faster than before with data extracted, positioned, and our out-of-the-box content delivered under rapid.

What you get with People Analytics Essentials.

A complete people analytics data warehouse and content library ready for distribution to your business users. Get started with your core HRIS and add additional modules and systems as you need. Expand over time or just utilize the pieces you need of the most advanced people analytics platform in the market. One Model is not a black box, take control and build your own strategic content as required.

Integration to Core Workforce Data
Daily Data Refreshes
Unlimited Users
Powerful Integrated Data Science within Storyboard tiles
12+ Storyboards covering subject areas(Workforce Composition, Movements,Spans and Layers, etc)
Data Validation and Data Quality Storyboards
Comprehensive Metrics Catalogue
Attribute dimensions for slice and dice analytics, including organizational structure
Access your data in a data warehouse for Tableau, SAC, PowerBI
Embed and deliver reporting and analytics within Sharepoint, Confluence, SuccessFactors and more
Easily create custom metrics andstory boards to fit your business
Support for custom objects and configuration
Advanced User Security and Single Sign On
Integrate your own flat file data (with IDE option)
Destinate raw or analytics-ready data to anexternal data warehouse such as Snowflake,Redshift, Azure SQL, Google Big Query
Schedule and push flat file data to S3,SFTP, Azure, GCP

People Analytics Quick Start

How long does it to take to implement? A few days. In fact, one of our promises for this product is “by Friday” and we mean it. As soon as we have a set of access credentials your data will be out and content delivered ready for you to use by the end of the week. We additionally provide some services to customize elements of the offering to meet your needs this could be incorporation of custom data fields (think SuccessFactors MDF objects or Workday custom fields) through to integrating an additional data source for usage.

Getting Started

  • Schedule a demo and conversation with us.
  • Provide IT with our security documentation and identify any additional requirements they have.
  • Contract.
  • Complete onboarding request forms.
  • Launch, validate, customize, build.
  • Start delivering business impact with people analytics
Getting Started
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Essentials vs. Enterprise

Essentials provides core workforce data and analytics for one system, and Enterprise provides integration to multiple HCM, recruiting and other people systems. For support of a comprehensive people analytics program, enterprise customers also enjoy ongoing access to One Model's world-class data engineering team for working with complex people data.

Advanced features in Enterprise Edition Include:

  • Contextual User Security
  • One AI – creating custom predictive models and advanced statistical analysis see this video
  • User Security uploads
  • Premium Data Engineering Services
Essential vs. Enterprise

Ready to learn more?

Request a tailored demo to see how One Model could help you.


Ready to learn more?

Request a tailored demo to see how One Model could help you.