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Paychex HR
Connected 40 Data Sources and Over 200 Files with One Model


One Model, a global leader in people analytics strategy, delivers a robust people analytics infrastructure. One Model’s platform enables its clients to import multiple data sources into a single, open, and flexible cloud-based platform. One Model customers are then able to take full control of their people analytics data, gaining increased visibility and spotting trends and patterns in the newly-connected data that otherwise would remain unnoticed. Large organisations with a complex array of systems are able to make better, faster people decisions with One Model powering their HR data integration strategy.

The Paychex Company Challenge

Paychex, a global provider of payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing services, enlisted One Model’s help in 2016. At that time, the Paychex human resources team was inundated with numerous on-premise and cloud-based systems that failed to deliver the expected reports, analysis, and actionable insights. With over 200 different data sources, it was no small task for the growing company. Successfully exporting and merging the data required hours of manual effort before any analytical value could be delivered. Paychex HR needed a partner and platform that could alleviate this challenge and free up the team’s resources for higher-level people analytics capabilities.

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Internal Build for Paychex was not a great idea to get to the data they needed.
800% Savings Over the Cost of an Internal Build. Started Analysis in Weeks Not Years.
Paychex company chooses One Model for People Analytics

Paychex HR Solution

After partnering with Paychex, One Model integrated Paychex’s core system, Oracle. The system’s data was exported into the One Model platform, where Paychex had full access to a suite of dashboards with daily updates. Shortly thereafter, One Model connected more than a dozen more systems, integrating the data into the One Model platform. This provided Paychex with a full dashboard to view the integrated data. Additionally, One Model equipped Paychex with the ability to push highly-actionable reports to hundreds of users, using a handful of security roles in total to manage data access for dynamic, user-contextual, and maintenance-free role security.

People Analytics Results Delivered

Once the data from all 200 systems were successfully integrated, it could be analyzed with incredible precision and purpose. Using One AI, a predictive algorithm to forecast turnover risk, One Model identified around 2200 at-risk employees that were planning on exiting the company, equating to $90 million in company-wide turnover risk.

Paychex was an early adopter of One AI, which was designed to drive even more value from integrated people data sets, and fills insight gaps around employee behavior. Commute time, competitor stock prices, social profile information, and anomaly and insight detection are all trends that lend themselves to precise and ethical forecasts with the One AI machine learning capability within the platform. One AI is open and flexible, making it preferred by end users without data science backgrounds as well as data scientists themselves.

It Took 10 Minutes to Build a Turnover Prediction Model with 73% Accuracy.

Paychex People Analytics Identified attrition risk
$90M Company Turnover Risk Identified
Paychex company chooses One Model for People Analytics

Paychex Had to Decide to Build or Buy

What would you decide? Paychex looked at the numbers and realized that building their own solution would cost 800% more and take years instead of weeks. Read our latest Whitepaper to see which one is right for you.


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paychex decides to buy over build HR analytics
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