Connecting Greenhouse, Workday, and more in just one week

Connecting Greenhouse, Workday, and more in just one week
“One Model is our choice for not only a data warehouse, but the partner to take that data and make it usable for the maturing HR function inside the company,” says Ryan Hammond, the executive responsible for enlisting One Model to help him mature Pure Storage’s People Analytics Program.
Siloed data stuck in spreadsheets

Siloed data stuck in spreadsheets

Pure Storage wanted to understand what channels their most successful sales representatives were sourced from. They sought to evaluate if the channels they assumed produced top sales representatives, in fact, did. In order to determine this, the team required data from Greenhouse (their applicant tracking system), Workday (their HRIS), and needed to pull additional data from platforms used by sales. Prior to partnering with One Model, the Pure Storage team had limited access to data to run any people analysis. As they matured their HR function, they recognized they needed to upgrade from working with the data in spreadsheets and make the shift towards the right systems to foster their growth. Pure Storage had reached a point of maturity where the team was ready to build out their People Analytics infrastructure and they wanted to do it quickly. After crunching the numbers and pricing out expenditures in time and internal resources to complete such a project, they opted to choose a trusted partner. Pure Storage enlisted One Model, the leader in people analytics strategy, to both provide data warehouse services and deliver a robust workforce analytics platform.


A scalable people analytics solution

One Model’s platform enables its customers to quickly and efficiently import multiple data sources into one open sourced, cloud-based platform. Within a week of gaining access to Pure Storage’s data and systems, One Model was able to provide their HR team with a suite of dashboards and analytics across core systems with supported APIs. Pure Storage’s team was then able to extract that data and complete various types of analytics on it. The analysis accurately pinpointed where their most effective sales talent was coming from. More importantly it allowed Pure Storage’s team to substantiate that some of the hypothesis and beliefs the business had regarding sales talent weren’t necessarily true. This allowed the HR team to refocus on sales hiring processes that gave them more diversity in the pipeline and representatives that on-ramped much faster. By opening up the data in Workday and Greenhouse, Pure Storage was able to integrate it with other sources, such as Glint and Tableau, allowing HR to increase their effectiveness through more informed, data-driven decisions and to choose how these were delivered to the organization.

A scalable people analytics solution

Fast implementation

By partnering with One Model's team of highly skilled data engineers to get up and running

Powerful dashboards

For instant insights and holistic views of high performing employees

Centralized datasets

A single source of truth pulling in data from all their existing HR systems

Data-informed DEI & hybrid strategies

Insights that support business expansion

Pure Storage, which surpassed $1B in annual revenue in 2018, now stands at almost 2,500 employees. By investing in One Model vs. completing the project in house, Pure Storage saved years of their team’s time and several hundred thousand in resources, which were reallocated towards further expansion of their People Analytics program. The team, which has been in accelerated growth mode since it reported under 100 employees in 2012, is now equipped with a platform that both sustains its growth and fully supports its updated HR systems and processes.

Ryan noted, “What’s great with our system [One Model] is that once you come up with an insight, we can then go back and put into the system markers and data that allows us to monitor and track the change in behavior in hiring over time so we can ensure there is an impact to the business. Our goal was to build an infrastructure around data and analytics that usually takes companies five years to achieve - and we wanted to do it in one. That’s the type of power you can get with a team like One Model - building out an infrastructure that used to take entire teams."

Scaled from 100 to 2,500 employees

Pure Storage gained a reliable, secure platform that can scale alongside their business and a partner who can support their evolving needs.

Enabled data-driven decisions

By centralizing their HR systems into One Model, Pure Storage can easily access better HR insights and make smarter talent decisions.

Identified their highest performers

Pure Storage used One Model insights to understand which salespeople were most successful across the company.

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