Unlock Value with Workday People
Analytics and our Workday API

One Model Workday brochure

One Model has a proven process for extracting and analysing people analytics data so you can focus on adding value for your business: 

  • Storytelling with data
  • Empowering HR and business leaders to generate their own insights
  • Delivering predictive modeling


One Model accelerates your people analytics journey by transforming data from your Workday HCM into insight- generating storyboards, analytics, and reports.


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Watch Past Virtual Events

  • Make Workday Work for Your People Analytics Team -In this talk, the One Model team speaks to the benefits of integrating your various HR systems and sources for better people analytics and reporting capabilities, the best practices on doing so, and the pros and cons of using various connectors for your Workday data. Click here to watch on demand.

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