Delivering People Analytics for Workday - a whitepaper for HR and Business Leaders

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With One Model, you can deliver people analytics from your Workday data and provide your organization with reports and storyboards efficiently at scale, and unlock the value of actionable insights and predictive modeling.

One Model’s approach to creating an analytics-ready data asset from your Workday system enables you to integrate future HR and non-HR datasets into a single analytical model, freeing your data from the challenging structures within Workday. From there, you
can proceed to deliver the valuable storyboards, analytics, and predictive models that will drive better talent decision-making in your organization.

This eBook includes detailed examples and screenshots of the best methods we have developed for data extraction along with various cautionary lessons we have learned over time.


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Authored by Nicholas Garbis

VP People Analytics Strategy, One Model

Nicholas uses his 15+ years experience in people analytics and planning at Allianz and GE to partner with people analytics teams to help them establish their strategies for deploying analytics and to bring back key insights to the product team.