Stand up your own HR Data Center of Excellence

Communication is the backbone of support your data stories and strategy

One Model enables integrated communication between business users like HRBP's, Executives, and People Managers to communicate with a central analyst or team of analysts.   Direct integration of communication with how data is used allows swift resolution to data questions, requests, and issues that pop up in the course of business.   No more ignored emails, long wait times, and the ability to integrate not only internal analysts but external consultants who may share the workload.  

  • Replace email with managed real-time tickets
  • Track, assign, and manage adhoc data and analysis requests
  • Alert users to new features and content 
  • See who is using the application in real-time
  • Assign conversations to domain specialists
  • Create rules that automatically assign conversations to the right person


See real-time HR Data Communication in action.   (Business User to Internal Analyst)


Need to augment your team with expert analysts - outsource your CoE

With the market for people analytics exploding with demand there are very few experienced practitioners available for hire.  If you can find a good hire they are certainly going to be expensive.   Lucky for you we can help, we know some great consultants that can seamlessly integrate into your function and provide support for everything from basic ad-hoc data requests to intense problem specific analyses. 

  • Integrate consultants directly into the work flow
  • Assign work to them as it comes in
  • Pay for time on demand or purchase block hours of their time
  • Skills and experience that are not available for hire

Some of our great partners available to work with below

  • peopleanalystlogo.png

    People Analyst

  • TSI+dot+logo+lockup.png

    Talent Strategy Institute

  • HRMetricsCoach+logo.png

    HR Metrics Coach