Case Study

How Elastic centralised and scaled people analytics with One Model

The Challenge

Struggling with disparate data

Elastic faced significant issues with data reporting, lacking a single source of truth, with over 150 turnover and 700 headcount reports causing discrepancies. Different tools were used for dashboards (Workday, Tableau, Kibana), leading to confusion and unreliable data. Elastic needed a reliable and organised system as their rapid growth outpaced their analytics practices.

"We were making decisions that possibly were based on inaccurate data. We were giving an executive probably the wrong headcount, the wrong turnover," recalls Justin Brousseau, Director of HR Analytics at Elastic. "It was challenging. It was time-consuming. It slowed us down from being able to meet our goals. We needed something that was scalable, flexible, and able to get data to the right people at the right time."

The solution

Centralising data for deeper insights

One Model's data architecture offered the scalability Elastic needed to consolidate and manage their diverse data sources. The flexibility of One Model to customise metrics and dimensions to Elastic's internal definitions was pivotal.


"We chose One Model because at the core is their data architecture that allowed us to scale out our solution to whatever data set we needed. We were able to bring all that into one spot and have that consistent source route for analytics. I knew Visier didn't really have the right data architecture that I was looking for, didn't have the right customisability or flexibility," noted Justin.


A single source of truth

"Whether it was Greenhouse, Workday, or the random Excel sheet from our finance partners, we were able to bring all that into one spot and have that consistent source of truth for analytics."

Flexible people analytics platform

"One Model's Customer Success team really helped us get a customised solution much faster. We definitely needed their input to make crucial decisions on our visualisations and logic. Like any company, we have some quirks. So we appreciate the flexibility in the platform."

Scalable data architecture

"We're moving beyond headcount and turnover reporting. We're moving into talent management, risk mitigation. These are conversations that a company of our scale needs to be having to go further in the market."
The Results

Empowering better decision-making

Implementation of One Model was quick and painless, taking only a few months from signing to launch. One Model facilitated real-time data provision, enabling Elastic to answer critical business questions on the spot. The company transitioned from basic reporting to more strategic advisory roles, aiding decision-making with accurate people data. Long-term success is seen in getting the right data into the right hands at the right time, with an aspiration to integrate additional data types, such as budget and sales performance, for a more holistic view. In essence, Elastic overcame the challenge of disparate and unreliable data by employing One Model's scalable people analytics platform, which empowered them to make data-driven decisions rapidly and move towards more advanced people analytics strategies.

Real-time insights

"Being in the room with a leader and answering their questions in real time is fantastic. One Model really helps us show value right away."

More flexibility

"One Model allows us to customise all our metrics and to go with definitions that we've built internally instead of forcing us into what a vendor requires."

Simpler processes

"The ability to quickly build Storyboards and present that data in a way that's clean and clear to leaders is crucial. They love how much faster we can get to where we thought we would be in 5 years."

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