What is One Model?

One Model is an enterprise data platform purpose built for Human Resources data.  We take all the heavy lifting out of extracting, cleansing, modelling, and delivering analytics from your workforce data.  Our focus is on the data itself and how it should be positioned for use within the organization, whether the use case is intelligence, application integration, reporting, or analytics both descriptive and predictive One Model can make it happen.   We are a completely open data store where you can use our tools or any other software provider giving you complete flexibility in the software choice you make.   The data and data models will survive your software choices, we continue to manage history and multiple source systems long after you stop using a software product.   With One Model you can regain the flexibility to choose the enterprise software that fits your business knowing that your organization’s data is secure and available at all times.  


Is One Model secure?

Yes, very secure.  There are several aspects to data security that in place, Data Center, Encryption, User Access and Permissioning.

Data Center – One Model is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers.  AWS is trusted by thousands of enterprise companies for everything from application hosting to big data and analytics.  For more information of data center security please visit http://aws.amazon.com/security/.

Data Encryption – All data held by One Model is encrypted at rest using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256.  All connections use secure access HTTPS for API and internet traffic, SFTP is used in conjunction with PGP encryption for any flat file transfers outside of HTTPS/API.

User Access and Permissioning – One Model provides a full role based security user administration at both the application layer and the database layer where direct database access is given to a user.   A user can only access the data they were intended to view and all permissions must be granted, zero is access is the default configuration.


How do you obtain data from our systems?

This depends on if the source system is a cloud or on premise solution and if an API is available for use.  Most cloud software provides an API that One Model can access and manage the complete data transfer and ongoing synchronization of data.  Where an API is not available or the system is on premise One Model can work with the vendor or internal IT team to facilitate a data transfer and ongoing method of synchronization.   We have worked with hundreds of data sources and have a plan for each source.


My data is not clean, do I need to scrub the data?

No, One Model will be able to overcome many data challenges through its modelling and cleansing framework.  By being able to model, visualize and access the data One Model can highlight where there are specific challenges that should be corrected at the source system.  If the source cannot be updated then the data held within One Model can be scrubbed/updated for accurate analytics and reporting.  One Model will be building several additional augmentation tools to facilitate with the cleansing and updating of data.  


Can I use external software tools to access our data?

Yes, One Model provides full access to your data. Once your administrator provides you with database user access you can connect with any software that supports ODBC/JDBC connections.   Birst, Tableau, Excel, QlikView, BIRT, Aginity SQL workbench  are commonly used tools that users can use to access their data set.  


Can I load my own data into One Model?

Yes, we provide the facility to load a custom data source like a flat text file or excel spreadsheet into the One Model database.  Once the data is loaded it will be available for use with any tool you use to access the database.  The data can be modeled, and included in Looker visualizations and analytics as you desire.


Do you provide enough flexibility for a power user to build what they need?

Yes the One Model platform is hugely flexible to allow an analyst or power user huge capability to load, model, and build analytics as needed.   This is a key difference compared to other vendors where most of the solution is locked down and not available to the user.   The full modelling language is available and our open access policy means that any external software can be used where specific functionality is required.


Can you export data?

Yes, there are several options to export data from downloading a result set to csv, scheduling a export, to configuring a destination for data to be sent to i.e. an sftp server or specific application integration.  Of course any external tool you use to access the data will have its own options for exporting that you can leverage as well.


What is a data augmentation?

A data augmentation is a tool or mini-program built inside One Model that allows for the extension or enhancement of the existing data set.  They provide additional information or calculations against the data that was not previously available as part of the data set.  An example of this is calculating quality of hire where several attributes from the workforce are pulled together to identify which employees have become quality hires.  This calculated attribute of an employee can be used for analysis, reporting, or more advanced predictive analytics like predicting candidate quality during the recruitment process.   One Model and our partners will be building many data augmentations to complement the organizations data set.  


Can I secure a user to access only part of my organizations data?

Yes, a user’s access can be secured at the database level to specific schemas, tables, views, etc.  The application layer can also be restricted for the user to only see part of the organization using role based security and data models filtered to the specific slice of the organization.  


We are transitioning software products, how can One Model help?

One Model can store all your historical data in our data warehouse and bring in the data from the new software platform when purchased.  This way you will have all your data together in one place regardless of which software platform you currently use.  Multiple source systems can be modeled together to give a consistent global view across all this data even though they come from different sources.  One Model can also assist in the implementation of the new software platform by organizing the data for movement into the new system.  The data can be cleansed, positioned, and loaded into the new software through our toolsets. 


How does the marketplace work?

The marketplace is intended to bring together the additional augmentations, content, and partner services that integrate with the One Model platform.  They can be purchased through the marketplace and will be automatically available in the One Model platform.  Our partners also provide products and services that can help the customer deliver issue focused solutions to their business.  C-Suite Analytics for example provides a retention package that guarantees to increase employee retention by a minimum 20%.   We only work with vendors and consultants that deliver outcome based products and services to the customer base.  Where data is generated by the product or service it is standard operating procedure to have that data come back into the One Model platform for use by the customer.