One Model Announces Launch of Recruiting Analytics for SmartRecruiters Customers

Recruiting Analytics is now available for SmartRecruiters Customers

We’re happy to announce that a standalone Recruiting Analytics version of One Model is now available for SmartRecruiters customers through their online marketplace.  We often deliver recruiting analytics in combination with the rest of workforce data from HRIS, Payroll, Talent Management, Survey, and any other system that holds employee data.

However, we see there is a need to assist talent acquisition teams to gain greater visibility and insight into their efficiency and effectiveness. 

Having previously worked with SmartRecruiters customers, One Model can now offer a comprehensive suite of metrics, analytics, and dashboards to analyze, and distribute data visibility out to TA teams and beyond.  We are thrilled, as this new offering will allow us to better serve SmartRecruiters customers. One Model is excited to announce that Measurement, Content, and Collaboration on all your SmartRecruiters data will now be available for $99 per month.

What do you, a SmartRecruiters customer, get?

Out of the box we deliver a catalogue of metrics, and analytics. These include dashboard content to get you started with key measurement, reporting, and analysis across the data set.  You can completely customize this content, create your own metrics, and build custom-made dashboards - all of which you can publish to the team.

Most of our TA customers will share this content with the wider team, use it to manage workloads, and track pipeline and efficiency with more flexibility and insight to the data set than they receive from the ATS itself.

See below for a few sample dashboards

  • explore-1.png
  • recruiting_create_metric-1.png
  • recruiting_effectiveness_1-1.png
  • recruiting_effectiveness_2-1.png

How does it work?

Simply.  All we need is for you to create an API key for us to use to extract data.  Our software will connect to the Smart Recruiters API’s, extract, and rebuild a historical transactional data warehouse that our analytics engine sits on top of.  We then roll out our SmartRecruiters data models, metrics, attribute dimensions and dashboards, and provide you with access to the application for review.  This all happens in a matter of hours from receiving the API key.  You can then review, alter, and/or create any of your own content to create the view of talent acquisition that fits your business best.  Our content is but a starting point; use it, edit it, or throw it away in favor of your own, we provide complete flexibility.  

But our data is bad.

Usually we hear this when TA teams know that recruiters are not using the ATS as intended to track candidates moving through stages.  We can overcome many of these challenges with inference or synthetic events, but we find that most teams are able to show recruiters their own data and why it is important to use the ATS correctly. 

One of our customers gives access to all recruiters and shows them how they are being measured and reported to leadership.  When a recruiter’s own data is lacking it is obvious and has become a trigger for change in process and accountability.  Sharing this data allows for a natural progression to improve how the ATS is used and TA is measured as a result.

What’s special about what you do?        

All the integrations we build do more than just extract the raw data; we typically need to extend and transform the data so it fits an analytical context.  In the case of SmartRecruiters we need to use more than just the available Analytics API.  On its own it is fine for basic reporting, but it misses some context around historic status values that we would use for measurements like time between step/status. 

In order to provide this full data context we end up extracting across all of SR’s API’s and not just the analytics API.  We merge all these pieces and our model provides a full historical view of the data. As such, this is a custom integration and model we have built for Smart Recruiters as we do for other ATS that provides the needed level of event granularity for measurement. 

Who should have access to Recruiting Analytics?

A TA leader or operations manager is a perfect place to start but we do recommend giving access to the whole TA team.  Providing democratized access to the data allows everyone to understand how they are being measured and prompts them to invest in ensuring data accuracy by using the ATS appropriately. 

The level of access to data can be controlled using our role-based-security. The customer may choose to show all data and allow recruiters to compare themselves to their peers or only provide access to a user’s own data. 


Expanding beyond Recruiting

One Model is a full HR data platform. We can accept data from any HR system and any piece of business data you can lay your hands on.  We often find that TA is able to move beyond measuring efficiency into looking at effectiveness of the function by measuring the post hire performance of the employees.  To do so we would typically tie in the HRIS, Talent Management, engagement data sets to be able to provide the additional context to the ATS data and truly measure quality of hire from a post hire perspective. 

When you have the appetite to expand your data view, we can add more data to your existing solution.  One Model customers can make use of our data models, metrics, and advanced augmentations for more complex algorithmic calculations and machine learning for prediction. 

Get in touch with us today or check us out through the Smart Recruiters marketplace to get rolling.  At $99 you have very little to risk. 

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Chris Butler is an HR Data and Analytics expert with a long history of working with the world’s most prestigious organizations to make them successful in their people analytics programs. Chris has a vision for how HR data will be used and how people analytics practices will mature and he is leading One Model to be at the forefront of this evolving industry.

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