One Model Announces Launch of Recruiting Analytics for SmartRecruiters Customers

Austin, Texas, November 7, 2017 – One Model, the Austin-based people analytics and data platform, quickly follows its $3.7 million series seed announcement with additional news; the Recruiting Analytics version of One Model is now available for SmartRecruiters customers via their online marketplace.

One Model has historically delivered people analytics across all hr technology systems incorporating workforce data from HRIS, payroll, talent management, survey, ATS, and any other system that holds employee data.

Having previously worked with SmartRecruiters customers and recently establishing a marketplace partnership, One Model is now able to offer a standalone comprehensive suite of metrics, analytics, and dashboards to analyze and distribute data insights out to TA teams and beyond.

According to One Model CEO, Chris Butler, “Most ATS systems typically don’t provide enough data or flexibility to answer the questions that high performing Talent Acquisition teams ask. This new offering gives our SmartRecruiters customers that capability and allows them to provide access to all TA team members, standardising and democratizing analytics to fully leverage the investment they’ve made in SmartRecruiters.”

This new offering will allow One Model to better serve SmartRecruiters customers, with measurement, content, and collaboration on SmartRecruiters data now available as a standalone product for $99 per month.

Out of the box, Recruiting Analytics will deliver a catalogue of metrics, analytics, and dashboards. SmartRecruiters customers can customize this content, create their own metrics, and build custom dashboards - all of which can be securely published to the team.

One Model expects that most TA customers will use their platform to share this content with the wider team, use it to manage workloads, track pipeline and efficiency with more flexibility and insight to the data than they receive from the ATS itself.

The One Model team is proud to partner with SmartRecruiters to offer this robust level of recruiting focused people analytics.

About One Model

One Model is a secondary system of record for HR, providing a data management platform and comprehensive people analytics capability directly from various HR technology platforms to measure all aspects of the employee lifecycle. Use our out-of-the-box integrations, metrics, analytics, and dashboards, or create your own as you need to. We provide a full platform for delivering more information, measurement, and accountability from your team. To learn more about One Model or to sign up for a demo, visit Request a demo today at

About SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters equips high performing organizations with recruiting software and applicant tracking systems in a complete talent acquisition suite. The San Francisco-based company provides full functionality for recruitment marketing and collaborative hiring built on a modern cloud platform with an open marketplace for 3rd party recruitment services.


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Stacia is a native Austinite and One Model's original resident marketing geek. While no longer at One Model, she continues to use her years of B2B and B2C marketing experience in the tech and healthcare industries to drive growth for One Model on a global scale. Stacia leads the company's marketing programs and initiatives - from lead generation, marketing strategy, and digital, to events and partner program support.

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