One Model Surges Past Growth Milestone on Enterprise Enthusiasm for People Data Cloud™

Human resources technology innovator showcases the people analytics platform trusted by global enterprises.

Austin, TX, October 11, 2022 - One Model, the rapidly-growing people analytics software provider, today celebrated a key revenue milestone on its growth journey and thanked dozens and dozens of loyal enterprise customers for relying on People Data Cloud to make consistently brilliant talent decisions in their organizations. The eight-year-old Austin, Texas-based startup also recently introduced its latest People Analytics product lineup as well as its next-generation One AI machine-learning technology, which is embedded into all of the company’s products.

These new capabilities are powered by the proven People Data Cloud platform, the people analytics platform of choice for dozens of global brands for years. Leaders at companies such as Colgate-Palmolive, Pure Storage, NetApp, Instacart, SquareSpace, Santander, Paychex, and Robinhood have each met people goals such as diversity and inclusion, learning and development, employee experience, compensation, benefits, and talent acquisition because One Model delivered consequential insights.

One Model co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Chris Butler attributes much of the company’s success to a focus on product quality and ethics. “Brilliant talent decisions at large organizations are the result of clarity and fairness,” he said. “Our mission is to deliver the most informative analytical content and ensure that it is 100% trusted by decision-makers.” He concluded, “People Data Cloud is the most transparent people analytics platform ever created and it eliminates a range of organizational blind spots and biases along the way.”

People Data Cloud is the only HR data analytics platform that orchestrates a complete, totally-integrated historical record of every employee’s entire lifecycle, from sourcing through onboarding, learning, engagement, mobility, advancement, and separation. It overcomes the common challenges of locked-down, siloed, unstructured, and disorganized data in a way that no other people analytics software can. Its features include:

  • Robust, out-of-the-box library of interactive standard and custom reports, dashboards, and visualizations that apply to any level of the organization, from the top of the org chart down to each individual team and across any business unit;
  • Make it your own by self-customizing your out-of-the-box content, without needing IT or vendor support
  • Ability to deliver destination-specific data for BI tools such as Tableau, and Power BI, or exports to spreadsheets;
  • Proprietary, an analytics-ready data model that harnesses HR data from Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, ADP, Oracle, Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, and many more HCM and HRIS systems;
  • Ability to extract the data model to external data warehouses such as Snowflake, GCP, AWS and Azure to preserve existing reporting infrastructure and maintain flexibility;
  • Option to host data storage on Virtual Private Cloud on AWS;
  • A single, truly consolidated enterprise HR data asset (finally)

“In the early days of One Model, we worked extremely hard to build the best data orchestration technology possible,” said Tony Ashton, Chief Product Officer at One Model. “Even the world’s best visualizations are utterly worthless if the data model cannot support the demands of data science,” he continued. “So our product delivers an enterprise-grade analytics asset whose value extends deep into the organization,” he concluded.

The One Model community includes tens of thousands of HR practitioners, IT professionals, and business leaders with people decisions on their minds. To learn more, visit or follow One Model on LinkedIn.


About One Model

One Model helps thriving companies make consistently great talent decisions at all levels of the organization. Large and rapidly-growing companies rely on our People Data Cloud™ people analytics platform because it takes all of the heavy lifting out of data extraction, cleansing, modeling, analytics, and reporting of enterprise workforce data. One Model pioneered people data orchestration, innovative visualizations, and flexible predictive models. HR and business teams trust its accurate reports and analyses. Data scientists, engineers, and people analytics professionals love the reduced technical burden. People Data Cloud is a uniquely transparent platform that drives ethical decisions and ensures the highest levels of security and privacy that human resource management demands. 

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Dennis is a husband, dad of three, and tinkerer of many things electronic and mechanical. He currently leads One Model's marketing team and is enthusiastic about the potential for data analytics to bring fulfillment and success to organizations and their great people.

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