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One AI Introduces HR Generative AI for People Insight Discovery

One Model made a splash this past year by demonstrating a Generative AI-powered capability called One AI Discover for generating insightful content. In One AI, One Model already offers the most complete AI platform for People Analytics. The availability of Generative AI technology allows us to extend the use of One AI, making it easier and more powerful for everyone in your company. One Model is committed to leveraging Generative AI to help both our customers and internal teams drive business outcomes.

Generative AI has enabled One Model to introduce the ability to generate data visualizations and insights from your company’s people data by simply asking questions.

A question or request can be as simple as this:


A question or request can also be as complex as this:


In addition to auto-generated data visualizations, One AI Discover provides a modern and intuitive yet powerful interface for interacting with your data. Adding metrics or dimensions and modifying selections can be accomplished with ease.

Simple and Efficient

One of the most powerful and exciting things about One AI Discover is that it simplifies the interaction with your data at the core of One Model. One Model has invested heavily in our platform for data extraction and modeling and our data engineers are the best in the business. The data model that One Model provides is unsurpassed, we’ve just made it easier to use.

Since the process for creating a chart or table using One AI Discover is as easy as typing a few words, it’s more accessible to a wider range of users. It caters especially well to groups of users that fall in between the “read-only” user and the power user.

The team at One Model has applied our contextual knowledge about the most effective ways of displaying people data. For example, requesting a trend will generate a pivoted chart. Of course you always have the option of being more specific when asking your question.

Even experienced One Model users can dramatically increase their efficiency by using One AI Discover as a starting point for new queries. Since most of the query editing capabilities of Explore are available here, the desired results can often be achieved. As a bonus, powerful features such as drillthrough and forecasting are available as is the ability to pin your insights to a Storyboard to share with others.

Powered by Generative AI

One AI Discover uses the same type of generative AI technology as those you are familiar with like ChatGPT to understand your prompt and create the visualization you're looking for.

One AI Discover leverages the language understanding ability of large language models to break apart your input and determine which words represent metrics, dimensions, dimension nodes, and time selections. Using what's called a vector database, these words or phrases are then compared against your data to find the best match of what you've requested.

ONM_GenAI_AnimationGraphic (1)

To be clear, generative AI is used in Discover to more efficiently perform a language task rather than to make statements based on its understanding of the world. One AI Discover does not leverage any public information.

Available Everywhere in One Model

One AI Discover is available from anywhere in One Model. It’s accessible from One Model’s navigation bar and expands as an overlay on any page. From a Storyboard, it’s possible to generate charts and pin them without navigating away from the Storyboard. The result is a more efficient user experience.

Transparent Generative AI

Since it displays only your company’s data and the query structure is displayed next to the chart or table, One AI Discover is completely transparent. It leverages the same One Model query engine as Explore and Storyboards. Since drillthrough to detail is available, you can even validate numbers on the fly.

Configurable Generative AI

One of One Model’s missions is “Ethical AI With You in Control”. With this important mantra in mind, there are a number of configuration settings for Discover.

You can control which users can access the One AI Discover product feature. Further, it isn’t automatically granted access to all of your workforce data in One Model. All metrics and dimensions can be explicitly included or excluded.

As an administrator, you can also define the parameters for One AI Discover to suit your company. For example, you might have a lot of very similar metrics that are important for the core HR team (e.g. Start of Period Headcount, End of Period Headcount, Average Headcount) but for the average user who wants to know how many people that have in their team you could set a default Headcount metric in these cases.

Secure Generative AI

One AI Discover aligns with One Model’s industry-leading role-based security. Only the data that each individual user has access is acccessible. If a user specifies information in a prompt that they do not have access to, it is disregarded. This is in addition to the configuration capability highlighted in the previous section.

A question often asked of our team was whether potentially sensitive data was sent to OpenAI. One AI only supplies the large language model with the question or requests you input. The model does not receive any of your data. It does not have the ability to run calculations or see attributes “about” anything.

Always Learning

One AI Discover is not self-aware and did not make New Year’s resolutions to become a better technology this year. It is designed to get better through usage, however. A feedback loop is part of the user experience. After submitting a prompt and interacting with the results, you will have the option of noting whether the initial result was correct. Noting that it was incorrect will record what the prompt was and how your final query was constructed. One AI Discover then learns from this data and improves its accuracy.

All Your People Insights in One Model at Your Fingertips

One Model has always been a leader in data integration and modeling, security, machine learning, and depth of knowledge about workforce data and the insights it can provide. Yet another One Model slogan is “All Your People Insights in One Model”. Over the past year the team has been focused on making these insights accessible to a wider user base. One AI Recipes make machine learning attainable by people who don’t have experience with data science. And now One AI Discover makes custom insights available to people without experience in configuring queries. All of this leads to a final One Model slogan: “Data-Informed Decisions for Better People Outcomes”.


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