Introducing a Better
Visier People Analytics Alternative

If your need for people analytics goes beyond predefined dashboards and a limited set of data sources, then Visier won't cut it. One Model tops Visier and other competitors because we take people analytics to another level. One Model intelligently integrates ALL of your HR and business data sources, mining for actionable insights, and making custom visuals easy to create and use for even the busiest of HR leaders and data-driven decision makers. 

The One Model platform, and our team of HR experts, allows any large organization to harness the value of its data assets to drive the best possible people strategies. Compared to Visier, One Model costs less, saves time, and delivers value to more points in the organisation than Visier.

Comparing One Model vs Visier

6-12 weeks 4-8 months
One low price 3x the cost...or more
All of your data sources and custom metrics are included. You'll pay more as the number of data sources and custom metrics increases.
Orchestrate & Model your HR Data

Pre-built advanced API connector to Workday, SuccessFactors, Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters and other HCM & ATS systems

Yes No

Sophisticated extraction and modeling of all historical data for accurate views of your people over time

Yes No (visualization layer only; customer must provide integrated data set)

Push/export data to your own data warehouse or data lake (on the fly, or via scheduled exports.)

Yes No

Integrate other data sources (ie: sales, financial, production data) for a holistic view of your people and business

Yes No

Access to data warehouse and AI models directly

Yes No

Connect and use your own BI Tools e.g. Tableau, PowerBI, SPSS, SQL

Yes No
Answer & Analyze your HR Data

Create and customize your own custom metrics and storyboards instantly

Yes No

Contextual Security & role based security automation to easily roll-out reports & analytics to managers while protecting sensitive HR data

Yes No
Forecast & Plan with Predictive Insights

Powerful machine learning to build your own models and predictive insights

Yes No

Open AI: see details of predictive model, algorithm used, variables etc… to ensure you’re on sound ethical legal footing

Yes No
Visier, competitors, don't have great AI like One Model

A Visier Competitor That's Really A Better Alternative


One Model extends upon its platform's capabilities with One AI. Our Machine Learning is different from Visier because we don't use generic models to make predictions with your data. We are also 100% transparent, you see and control what is being used. No other Visier competitor give you full access to your people analytics like One Model.

With One Model connecting all our people data, our leaders finally have a working compass for navigating their decisions, and we're seeing an impact on our business. We couldn’t have gotten here without One Model.

Nick Reyland
People Tech & Analytics Lead, Squarespace

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