Introducing a Better
Oracle People Analytics Alternative

Some make the mistake of relying on the native people analytics capability within Oracle HRIS. Perhaps they think its better, but they most likely do it because it seems easy. 

Both One Model's People Data Cloud™️ and Oracle's Fusion people analytics platform offer HR analytics. But that is really where the comparison ends. Only One Model has comprehensive data exploration capabilities and the ability to tie the entire enterprise's HR data from every system and survey together.

One Model's veteran HR experts have helped dozens and dozens of large organizations harness the value of their data assets to drive the best people outcomes. 

Comparing One Model vs Oracle

One low price Hidden costs for custom analytics data models, data storage, and expertise needed.
Fully customizable platform AND dedicated data engineering and customer success. 50 native SELF-SERVICE connectors and simple out-of-the-box content
Orchestrate & Model your HR Data

Pre-built advanced API connector to Oracle HCM, Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters and other HCM & ATS systems

Yes, Customized Yes, Self-Service

Sophisticated extraction and modeling of all historical data for accurate views of your people over time

Yes No (visualization layer only; customer must provide integrated data set)

Push/export data to your own data warehouse or data lake (on the fly, or via scheduled exports.)

Yes No

Automated, role-based security for all data sources for analytics

Yes No, Inherited from HRIS and excludes other sources.

Predefined and extensible analytic model

Yes No

Open and scalable infrastructure with full Application lifecycle management

Yes No
Answer & Analyze your HR Data

Pre-Built and customizable metrics with storyboards that instantly update by user and role

Yes No

Single, unified, and historical view of people with ad hoc data exploration

Yes No
Forecast & Plan with Predictive Insights

Powerful machine learning to build your own models and predictive insights with in-built controls for ethics and transparency

Yes No

Embedded insights in Storyboards that automatically give interpretations on statistical significance, forecast descriptions. metrics, etc.

Yes No
Oracle competitors, don't have great AI like One Model

An Oracle Fusion Competitor That's Better. Period.


One Model puts the power of AI in your hands and uses it to make your life easier. Compared to Oracle, One Model capabilities win with automatically detecting trends and patterns, providing insights and ethical recommendations, data cleansing and standardization to reduce risk, and workforce modelling to test different scenarios.

With One Model connecting all our people data, our leaders finally have a working compass for navigating their decisions, and we're seeing an impact on our business. We couldn’t have gotten here without One Model.

Nick Reyland
People Tech & Analytics Lead, Squarespace

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