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New Whitepaper from One Model: "Delivering People Analytics from Workday"

Our team recently published a whitepaper which explains the "how and why" of our approach to getting data out of Workday. In it we share a lot of challenges and a heap of technical detail regarding our approach. There are also a couple of embedded videos within the paper (unless you print it!).

We produced this whitepaper to share the knowledge and experiences we have gained working with our customers, many of whom have Workday as their core HCM. With these customers, we use our proprietary 'connectors' to extract the relevant data through Workday's APIs (adding in data from RaaS reports where needed).

But that is just the beginning, because, while the extraction is critical, what comes out of it is essentially 'dull data' that lacks analytical value in its pre-modeled state. We don't stop there.

One Model's unique expertise kicks in at this point, converting the volumes of data from Workday (and other HR and non-HR systems) it into what we like to call an "analytics-ready data asset".

So, that begs the questions, "What exactly is an 'analytics-ready data asset'?" and "How does One Model create this data asset from Workday data?" So, here's a definition ... 

DEFINITION of an "Analytics-Ready Data Asset"
A structured set of data, purpose built to support a variety of analytics deliverables, including:

  • Metrics that are pre-calculated, can be updated centrally, and have relevant metadata 
  • Queries that can range from simple to complex
  • Reports that contain data in table format (rows and columns) with calculations
  • Dashboards and Storyboards that deliver data in compelling visuals that accelerate insights
  • Data science such as predictive modeling, statistical significance testing, forecasts, etc.
  • Integration of data from multiple sources (HR and non-HR) leveraging the effective-dated data structure
  • Data feeds that can be set up to supply specific data to other systems (eg, data lakes)
  • Security model that enables controls over who can see which parts of the organization AND which data fields they will see (some of them at summary, others at employee-level detail)

One of the key elements of building such a data asset from Workday is the conversion of the source data into an effective-dated structure which will support views that trend over time (without losing data or creating conflicting data points). This is much more difficult than you'd expect, given that we are conditioned to think of HR data as representative of the employee lifecycle, and many systems of the past were architected with that in mind.

This is not a knock on Workday -- not at all -- it's a great HCM solution that has transformed the HR tech industry with it's focus on manager and employee experience. They are not a huge success story on accident!

However, delivering a great experience in a transactional HR system does not directly translate into an analytics capability that is powerful enough to support the people analytics needs of companies today (and for the future).

To accelerate your people analytics journey, and to ensure you don't run out of runway, you need a solution like One Model to bring your Workday data to life.

Download the whitepaper to get the full story. Go to www.onemodel.co/workday

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