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June 27, 2022 Nicholas Garbis

Measuring the Value of People Analytics: How to Calculate HR Analytics Use & Impact

How do we measure the value of people analytics? Is your organization making better, more data-informed talent decisions today versus a...
June 21, 2022 Nicholas Garbis

Here’s how People Analytics fits into your HR strategy

The role of the Human Resources function is to ensure that the organization has the talent it needs to execute its strategies, making HR a...
April 21, 2022 Nicholas Garbis

5 Critical HR Challenges Facing Retail and How People Analytics Tackles Them

Retailers are riding a supercharged shopping cart full of change that has accelerated due to the pandemic and exacerbated by a one-company...
February 2, 2022 Nicholas Garbis

Develop Ethical AI Principles and Processes for Your HR Strategy

We wrote this paper because we believe that AI/ML has the potential to be a very valuable and powerful technology to support better talent...
December 24, 2021 Nicholas Garbis

Why You Need Both HR Reporting and Analytics

Only humans would bother inventing something as complex as the concept of species. Attempting to organize every living thing around us into...
July 22, 2021 Nicholas Garbis

New Whitepaper from One Model: "Delivering People Analytics from Workday"

Our team recently published a whitepaper which explains the "how and why" of our approach to getting data out of Workday. In it we share a...
June 3, 2021 Nicholas Garbis

Insight Generation: Humans and Machines Turning on “Lightbulbs” Together (VIDEO!)

WATCH THE VIDEO! Conversation with our Chief Product Officer, Tony Ashton, on the topic of insight generation and he shows how One Model’s...
April 27, 2021 Nicholas Garbis

VIDEO: "Lightning Round Learning, Strategic Workforce Planning, pt. 1"

There are whole books written about Workforce Planning. I read them and enjoy them (maybe even more than I would like to admit). I will...
November 25, 2020 Nicholas Garbis

"Explore the Power of People Analytics" an eBook for HR and Business Leaders.

As part of a recent People Analytics course from the Future Workplace, Nicholas Garbis joined forces with course leader Heather Whiteman,...
November 20, 2020 Nicholas Garbis

VIDEO: Projecting Future Diversity - Tightening the Turning Radius of Your Organization

Yes, it's 'Whiteboard Time' again!In this blog post, we are sharing a video recording on the topic of modeling future diversity levels...
July 31, 2020 Nicholas Garbis

VIDEO: Labor Markets Press Conference, July 28, 2020

On July 28, 2020, Nicholas Garbis of One Model and Cary Sparrow of Greenwich.HR delivered a press conference from the floor of the old...
July 7, 2020 Nicholas Garbis

The June jobs report was good. Here’s why July will be even better.

SUMMARY: June was great at 4.8 million new jobs. July will be over 6 million.
May 29, 2020 Nicholas Garbis

Business Hiring Outlook in the US: Small Signs of Recovery Slipping Away?

Two weeks ago, we released a new publicly available Covid Job Impact website to share daily data and insights on US job listings by...
March 25, 2020 Nicholas Garbis

Tracking COVID-19 Impacts on Your Workforce (#2 in our COVID-19 series, including a quick tool)

Our objective in this series is to offer our team’s expertise to the public during this crisis in the same way that Walmart delivers...
February 3, 2020 Nicholas Garbis

One Model Welcomes Nicholas Garbis as VP of People Analytics Strategy

Here at One Model, we have some great news regarding our team! Nicholas Garbis has joined us as VP of People Analytics Strategy, bringing...