There Are Tons of Ways to Use People Analytics to Improve Corporate Culture

Corporate culture plays a pivotal role in driving organisational success, but quantifying its impact has often relied on subjective assessments. However, with people analytics, human resources teams can adopt a scientific approach to measure and predict the impact of corporate culture more effectively. Phil Schrader caught up with Season Chapman and Yuli Lopez, both One Model enthusiasts who have ventured out as founders of Culture Curated, for a captivating dialogue about culture. They share their firsthand experiences of using One Model's software platform to directly measure and address human resources challenges.

The Power of People Analytics in Culture Assessment:

Traditional methods of understanding corporate culture, relying on gut instinct and after-the-fact observations, can be subjective and limited in providing actionable insights. People analytics, on the other hand, uses data-driven methodologies to uncover patterns and make predictions about culture's impact on business outcomes. By analysing various data points, such as employee surveys, performance metrics, and feedback channels, organisations gain a comprehensive understanding of the underlying factors shaping their culture.

Measuring Culture in Real Time

Phil Schrader's conversation with Season and Yuli highlights the transformative potential of people analytics in directly measuring and monitoring key drivers of corporate culture. Culture Curated leveraged One Model's software platform, empowering HR teams to collect and analyse vast amounts of data to transform it into meaningful insights. With objective metrics and data visualisations, organisations can now track culture-related issues in real time, enabling proactive interventions to address them promptly. This shift from reactive observations to predictive analysis empowers leaders to make informed decisions that positively impact culture.

Predicting and Enhancing Culture

The true power of people analytics lies in its ability to predict the outcomes of culture-related initiatives. By examining historical data and identifying patterns, organisations can forecast the potential impact of cultural interventions. This predictive capability allows leaders to develop targeted strategies to enhance their desired culture and align it with their business objectives. People analytics provides evidence-based guidance for redesigning performance management systems, fostering diversity and inclusion, and enhancing employee well-being initiatives. With these insights, organisations can drive meaningful change and achieve their desired results.

The Video Dialogue: A Firsthand Account

To delve deeper into the transformative effects of people analytics on corporate culture, we invite you to watch the engaging video dialogue between Phil Schrader, Season Chapman, and Yuli Lopez of Culture Curated. In this video, they share their experiences of using One Model's software platform to directly measure and address culture-related challenges. Their insights provide a firsthand account of the power of people analytics in driving organisational success through a data-driven approach to culture assessment.

It's All About Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

People analytics has revolutionised the way organisations measure, monitor, and improve their corporate culture. By harnessing data-driven insights, leaders can make informed decisions and actively shape their culture to drive success. We trust experts like Season and Yuli when it comes to transforming culture measurement. Ultimately, organisations can create thriving cultures that attract top talent, foster innovation, and achieve sustainable success in today's competitive business landscape.

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